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Assistant editor Jake Fowles gets out on the bank with Frenzee’s FXT Match+ 8ft 6in Feeder rod.

Joe Carass gets an early look at the fantastic new Frenzee Precision 6E FXT flagship pole.

Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Leigh Hodgkinson (Marukyu)


68 (Adams)

Andrew Bailey (Daiwa Dons)


42 (Island)

Martin Wood (Markham Main)


80 (Adams)

Liam Miller (Barnsley Bait & Tackle / Frenzee)


47 (Adams)

Luke Hawksworth (Colmic Woodlands)


36 (Adams)

Andrew Fulleylove


69 (Adams)

David Burley (Hayfield Lakes)


12 (Island)

Kevin Smith


81 (Adams)

The second Mega Match This qualifier in as many days marked another sell out event at Maver Hayfield Lakes. Conditions on the day were mixed with temperatures overnight dropping as low as 3°C coupled with period of bright warm sunshine later in the afternoon. Fishing on the day was extremely difficult with many anglers catching just odd fish. That said, however, despite the weights being relatively low, it was an incredibly close match which, going into the final hour, anyone could have won.

Next to book his place in September's final was Marukyu-backed Leigh Hodgkinson. Leigh drew peg 68 on Adams and caught the majority of his weight fishing the pellet waggler landing carp to 10lbs to end proceedings with a modest 64-12-00. Like many on the day, Leigh struggled to find the fish in any numbers, but managed to do enough on the day to secure his place in British Pole Championship final also.

Finishing in second place on the day was Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons). Following his third place finish from the Glebe on Saturday, Andy Bailey rounded off a successful weekend securing an overall lake win on Island from peg 42. Andy weighed in 58-11-00 of carp caught on pellet shallow.

Third place on the day was taken by Martin Wood (Markham Main) from peg 80 on Adams. Martin's match got off to a slow start with both men either side of him catching well early on. However, Martin managed to find the fish late on fishing the pellet waggler and pellet to depth on the pole to offer 56-02-00 to the scales thus securing his place in this year's British Pole Championship final.

Barnsley Bait & Tackle shop owner Liam Miller (Frenzee) finished in fourth place on the day from peg 47 on Adams. Alternating between pellet on the long pole, bomb and pellet and the pellet waggler, Liam was able to keep fish coming to the net throughout the day to weigh in hard earned 49-09-00.

Fifth place was taken by Luke Hawksworth (Colmic Woodlands), who drew peg 36 on Adams. Like many, Luke found odd carp on the pellet waggler to weigh in 46-11-00 at the end of the five hours.


Mega Match This Grand Finalist: Leigh Hodgkinson

Maver British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Leigh Hodgkinson, Martin Wood and Liam Miller

Angler's Name

Weight (lbs/oz)

Peg # / Lake

Rob Wootton (Dynamite Baits)


2 (Lake 1)

Jon Whincup (Frenzee / Bait-Tech)


17 (Lake 1)

Andrew Bailey (Daiwa Dons)


109 (Lake 7)

Keiron Rich (Middy)


1 (Lake 1)

Bryan Travis


105 (Lake 7)

Barry Mason (Guru / Bag 'Em Baits)


98 (Lake 7)

Stephen Rothery


38 (Lake 2)

Simon Fry (Garbolino)


100 (Lake 7)

The 2017 Mega Match This qualifier campaign began on a high with a sell-out event at The Glebe. Conditions on the day were very cold for the first couple of hours with quite a blustery Westerly wind, which eased off during the latter stages of the match. Temperatures, as a result, warmed up a couple of degrees, which saw respectable weights recorded given the time of year.

First to secure his place in the minimum £50,000 Match This Grand Final on Saturday September 2nd was Dynamite Baits rod, Rob Wootton. Rob drew peg 2 on Lake 1 and opted to fish a feeder for the full five hours to find quality carp on both pellet and maggot. Rob offered 146-09-00 to the scales to see off the challenge from reigning Match This Champion, Jon Whincup, to confirm his place in UK match angling's richest final.

Taking up runner up spot, and missing out on his third consecutive Match This final by an agonisingly small margin was Frenzee man, and current Champion, Jon Whincup. Jon drew peg 17 on Lake 1 and, like Rob, fished a feeder for the duration of the match. Offering dumbbells on the hook with wetted micros moulded around the feeder, Jon found carp up to 8lbs to weigh in 145-08-00. Despite narrowly missing out on his chance to defend his title, Jon has booked his place in the 2017 British Pole Championship final taking place on Sunday 20th August.

Finishing in third place on the day was Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons). Andy secured an overall lake win from peg 109 on Lake 7 weighing in 141-07-00. Alternating between short and the long pole with pellet, Andy found good sized fish up to 7lbs to put some distance between himself and fourth placed man on the day, Keiron Rich. Andy also books his place in this year's British Pole Championship final.

Keiron Rich (Middy) occupied fourth place with a weight of 127-14-00 from peg 1 on Lake 1. Keiron caught the majority of his weight from down his edge on pellet with carp up to 6lbs.

Rounding off the top five was Bryan Travis from peg 105 on Lake 7.


Mega Match This Grand Finalist: Rob Wootton

Maver British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Rob Wootton, Jon Whincup and Andrew Bailey

•4in, 6in and 12in storage

•Pole, feeder or waggler hooklengths

•Waterproof seal

RRP: £9.99


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Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 10/12/16
Location of Match:* Shrewsbury 
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 29
Report: Saturday saw the open match record broke twice and over seven hundred pound of fish tipped on the scales. Leading the way and setting a new open match venue record off priory wall peg 42 was ABC/FRENZEE star Ian Speedy Ward,alternating between six and seven metre whip he amassed 355 roach and dace for 52-11-0. Three ounce behind was tricast weston rod Clive Wyn, Clive used bolo and whip tactics on peg 55 to tip 52-8-0 of dace on the scales for second spot, In third place was Preston star Scott genes who also fished whip tactics for a great 47-15-0 of bunker peg 46, last frame place was taken by midland rod Steve Maher, drawn on boathouse peg 60 he caught on bolo and whip for 46-15-0 of dace.

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:



Lbs 52
Oz 11
Sponsor: ABC /FRENZEE 

Runner Up:

Lbs 52
Oz 8
Sponsor: Tricast weston 

Third Place:

Lbs 47
Oz 15
Sponsor: Preston innovations

• Squeeze to attach

• Three sizes available

• Fits huge range of top-kit diameters

RRP: £3.99


• Innovative design combines a four-legged roller and V-roller

• Versatile fitting, will fit on most box legs

Multi-length landing-net handles are all the rage these days and this new model from Frenzee fits that bill perfectly.

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