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Perfect Storage

We all love new bits of kit so here is guest blogger Steve Cooke’s verdict on his latest acquisition...

I have just received some of my new Garbolino bits so I thought, why not start my blog on a review of some kit? Anglers that know me appreciate that I do not compromise on my kit. It’s got to be right for the job and, if I believe it is, I will put it to the test. That said, let’s look at the new Garbolino EVA Cooler Bag and Storage Packs.

I can see me using the Cooler Bag for all sorts of things – especially with the storage packs – as I can keep so much stuff with me and see it all through the see-through tops. It’s also light and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

I am mostly fishing Lindholme Lakes at the moment and there we have to use fishery-own pellets, so in the storage packs I will keep pellets in four of them. The clear tops mean I can see if I need to top up before I leave home or just swap them when I’m at other fisheries.

I also have storage packs for feeders, pellet wagglers etc etc. We all seem to take so much just in case we draw a certain peg, but with the packs having clear lids, after the draw I can change what I take to my peg with ease. Better to have with me and leave it in the van than not have with me at all!

My thoughts so far are that this is a top, well thought out idea and I will use it on every trip out. Let’s hope next week is mild and I’m back on the bank at Lindholme!


Steve Cooke is a former Fish ‘O’ Mania Champion from Retford and sponsored by Garbolino.

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