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I Love a Gadget!

Like many of you I love a gadget, fishing related or otherwise. I’ve been fishing for many, many years and have lost count of the number of reels I’ve filled with line or braid in my time as an angler!

It was while looking in a tackle shop I saw a Daiwa Sensor Line Loader sitting on the shelf. I’ve managed without one until now I thought to myself…so left it where it was.

You’ve probably done as I have; tie a knot to a fresh reel spool, then proceed to wind the new material on while allowing the spool to skip all over the front room entangling itself around almost everything - including family and friends!

Like many I have also poked a Biro pen through the central hole in the spool and asked an accomplice to tension the line by bracing a finger against the spool. I’ve only ever been able to get each person to do this once as, inevitably, they leave the house with a friction burn on their fingers and seem reluctant to help again!

From there I went to dropping the plastic spool into a bucket of water – this worked for two reasons. Firstly it keeps the spool contained and secondly allowing new line to soak in water before spooling it aids bedding onto your reel, ultimately leading to better line lay! I was happy with this, but it’s not always practical to have a bucket of water in the front room while watching Eastenders.

So, back to my recent discovery of the Daiwa Line Loader. While this is a gadget that has been available for many years it wasn’t until I acquired one that I realised how good they are and just what I’d been missing.

It’s very easy to use and features two sucker-type pads to lock it in place on a smooth surface and a bracing bar that folds out to aid stability. The spigot that holds your spool of line features a spring and a sliding nut that locks in place with a thumb-screw operated thread. This allows you to vary the amount of tension you put onto the spool of line as you wind it onto your reel.

I stripped all of my old line off and spooled up quite a number of reels with 4lb and 6lb Daiwa Sensor Clear in readiness for this season’s fishing. The line loader will hold any size of spool from narrow ones holding just 100m of mono right through to bulk spools holding thousands of metres.

I’ll be honest – this isn’t a gadget I thought would make a difference, but now I have one I won’t go back – it’s that good!

If you struggle with spooling your reels, or have no friends to help hold your spool then get yourself one of these. They retail for £10.99 and, in my opinion, are worth every penny!

Alex Bones

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