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Preston Innovations Hooklength Boxes

Joe Carass gets his hands on the new and improved Hooklength Boxes from Preston Innovations. 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, I am pretty sure you will have owned or at the very least seen the original Preston Innovations ‘In Box’ hook boxes. I have dozens of them and most of the anglers I know do too. 

They were always an easy, lightweight and practical solution to storing your lovingly prepared hooklengths. They were also cheap as chips, which didn’t do sales any harm at all!

But as with all great ideas, time moves on and improvements must be made. The original was a very basic design and while it still does its job, Preston knew it could improve massively on the original and the new Hooklength Box was born. So let’s see what has been done with this update.

Two Sizes

Just as before, Preston has released two sizes of hooklength box. One will accept hooklengths between three inches and six inches, while the larger box takes hooklengths between eight and 12 inches. Two versatile options that should cover most of your fishing. 


Easy Opener

The first thing to grab my attention was how easy these boxes are to open, especially as the magnets feel very strong. I have found other hook boxes a little fiddly to open at times, but these have nice big grip points that make opening a doddle. 


The Finger Tab

I saw these hook boxes a long time before release and I must admit I didn’t know what the little tab was on the centre of the hooklength box. I assumed that it was just a part of the moulding. 

But nope, I was wrong, and this clever little tab is like a small lever – if you press it, up pops the box and straight into your hands. Ideal for those of you who store their hooklength boxes flat, or even when they are just sitting on the side tray. 



One of my main issues with the original was that I used to have to scrawl on them in permanent marker to identify what was actually in the hooklength box. With this model though, there is a neat little identifying tab on the outside of the box. On the inside there are also labels so that you can identify what hooklengths are what. A simple idea, but a big improvement.


Powerful Magnets

The old boxes relied on plastic clips and while they did a great job, the boxes could let in water. This has been solved with a new magnet system and interlocking lids. This dramatically reduces water ingress (unless you leave it open!). 


Pins Galore

These hooklength boxes are double-sided and have 11 sets of pins available. Length options are 3in, 4in, 5in and 6in on the Short box and 6in, 8in, 10in and 12in on the Long model.

Both boxes have a set of raised pins that allow you to tie hooklengths and measure their lengths. 

Another nice little touch is the small ‘hooks’ at the top of the pegs that prevent the hooks and loops from springing off them. 

3x preston pics


The Verdict

A brilliant update to an already excellent product. Exactly the improvements that I wanted to see and a great price too.



£7.99 Short

£9.99 Long


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