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Up Close: Deeper

See Deeper! Joe Carass reflects on a few months of use with the Deeper Start.

 As soon as I saw the Deeper sonar system I knew that I had to get my hands on one. When Deeper announced the ‘Start’ – a simplified version of the ‘Pro’ model – I felt that was the one for me to try.

In essence the Start is a cheaper plug ‘n’ play gadget. All you need to do is download the Deeper app, attach the Start to a rod and away you go. There isn’t even an on/off switch, that’s how simple this is to use. The Start recognises when it’s in water and sends back its data as soon as it is in the lake.

Initially I had a few issues with the device so I feel we need to talk about that. I struggled to get a reliable signal to start with. A quick phone call to Deeper and they were quick to explain the issue, my device was actually one of the very first off the production line and I was trying to use it before the app/software was even properly ready.

A few weeks later, I tried again and was prompted to download an update. Ever since then the Deeper Start has been faultless in its performance. I think it’s great to see how proactive the company is and regular updates keep the product on top of its game.

The Deeper Start has a range of up to 50 metres but on very windy days the signal suffers a little at this range; I guess the ripple must block the signal slightly? But on calmer days this isn’t an issue at all and 50 metres is no problem.

Accuracy is very good too and you can really build a picture of what the lake is like after just a few casts with the Start. This is a basic system so it only shows up the depth and also shows you where any fish are located. The more expensive Pro has a much more elaborate interface and shows the water temperature and underwater snags/weed.

Of course this isn’t an item of tackle for match fishing situations but when practising and learning about a new venue I have found it to be fantastic. Learning about the depths of lakes in practice sessions and working out the count when feeder fishing allows you to have a much better picture of where you are fishing and what kind of lake bed you are targeting.

Certainly I found the device to be extremely interesting when fishing at Bough Beech over the summer and a few casts after the match revealed a great insight into the venue.

That’s one thing I really like about the Deeper Start, it is quite lightweight and can be cast using normal feeder rods. The Pro is a better all-round system but for me, the Start’s simplicity and ease of use is a great feature and I often carry it with me to matches just to have a mess around with afterwards.

I realise this is an expense that isn’t totally necessary, but if you are an inquisitive angler like myself then it is money well spent!

RRP: £129.99

Verdict: A superb gadget that while not for everyone, is a must for serious anglers. 



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