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The original pellet feeders are among the best fish catchers around and now these micro versions look to continue that.

Available in various lengths and diameters, these wagglers are sure to be a massive hit.

Available in eight different patterns, the Dura Extreme floats are the ultimate in strength! They feature an inline body and strong spring eye that makes them almost indestructible. All of the floats are constructed from super-strong foam material.

RRP: £1.99

This clever idea helps to reduce liners when fishing the Method feeder or any legering tactics.
This clever little bead has been designed to fit snugly into the brand’s inline feeders.
Three different-shaped bombs to cover all kinds of fishing situations.
• Comprehensive range for more traditional styles
. Moulded pouch design for accurate feeding of pellets
• Chunky handles make using them a doddle
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