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Preston Innovations Absolute White Edition Seatbox

Seatbox Satisfaction! Six months on and Jake Fowles is still as happy as he was on day one with his Preston Innovations Absolute White Edition Seatbox.

If there is one item of tackle that single-handedly manages to grab the attentions of other anglers on the bank more than the rest of my tackle put together it is my Preston Innovations Absolute White Edition Seatbox. When I started working at DHP, six months ago now, I rocked up with a pretty standard X6S, which did a decent enough job of getting my tackle from A to B.

However, it was a bit too big and awkward to get into my small hatchback motor, and with 6ft 3in me sat on top of it I didn’t need the help of passers-by to skyline my peg. So, after a few weeks of the lads pushing me I got on to Preston Innovations and put an order in for “one of the ones I’ve seen Des and Power sat on”. A week later and it had arrived, complete with the standard two shallow winder trays, to which I then requested a further 28mm shallow tray, a deep drawer for all my terminal items and a deep base unit for rig-making gear that can then be transported in and out of the house easily thanks to the cassette/stacker system. Happily, the upgrade didn’t mean I had to buy all new attachments. In fact, nestled in the deep base unit (along with a handful of the new PI plummets, a clear attempt to get me involved in ‘plummet wars’) was a handful of plastic inserts that I was able to replace my old ones with, so that all my existing attachments fitted straight on to the new box… bonus!

Some of the small details on the White Edition make a huge difference to the overall feel and ‘performance’ of the box. I never realised how much of a difference having an integrated spirit level would make – no messing about and making endless adjustments to the legs to get it level now, instead this task is made simple and a much quicker process than in the past. I am also a fan of the big, positive clips on each of the units. Yes, they take a bit of getting used to and are initially a little stiff, but once they have been worn in they work extremely well, locking into place with a nice click when opening or closing. It also means there is little risk of the clips breaking as pressure needs to be applied to slide it across, largely reducing the chance of accidentally closing a clip in the wrong position. Similarly, the oversized tightening handles get a big tick from me. They make tightening and loosening the legs very easy and are a must when it gets cold, and I certainly don’t want to be messing around with faffy, difficult to operate handles.

Most importantly, the White Edition is notably comfortable. The pole seat is firm yet retains its comfort even when seated for long periods, and features a carbon-friendly pole support that when used in conjunction with a bump bar makes holding your pole at long distances a doddle. The large solid footplate does its job brilliantly, even when housing my size 11s, and has stability in abundance so is plenty capable of taking your weight when standing up. Overall I have been more than impressed since taking delivery of the White Edition. It’s a fantastic seatbox on its own, but with an extensive range of made-to-measure accessories available it gives me a system that I couldn’t ask anything more from!

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