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Sensas Commercial House League, 4th round

Match/Event Name:* Sensas Commercial House League, 4th round
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 04/11/2018
Location of Match:* Bristol Avon from Swinford to Chequers
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 48
Report: The 4th round of the Sensas Commercial House League was fished on the Bristol Avon from Swinford to chequers. The river was slow and very clear with overcast and rainy weather. The top weight at Chequers was only 1 lb 10 ozs, with 8 of the 16 anglers there blanking. Swinford and the Crane fished much better with only 8 of the 32 anglers catching under 6lbs. The winner of the match with 34 lbs was Matt Challenger of Mosella Bathampton A. Drawn 2 below Bitton Brook, he fished 4 ft deep on the waggler with maggots and caught chub all day upto 4 lbs. 2nd was Ian Stainer of Sensas Nomads Green with 29 lbs 7 ozs from the boys hole at the Crane. He balled it in on the pole line and fished worm & castor to catch lots of skimmers. 3rd was Dean Harvey of DW Builders with 26 lbs 7 ozs from peg 19 at Swinford. He balled it in at around 13 metres and fished the crowquill with worm and caught bream and skimmers. Mosella Bathampton A won the A division on the day, which now puts them in the lead overall. In the B division, Sensas Nomads Green won on the day by 1 point from Stand & Deliver Promotions who stay in the lead overall. Individuals 1 M Challenger Mosella Bathampton A 34 lbs 0 ozs 2 I Stainer Sensas Nomads Green 29 lbs 7 ozs 3 D Harvey DW Builders 26 lbs 7 ozs 4 S Townsend Mosella Bathampton B 25 lbs 14 ozs 5 I Currie Sensas Nomads Black 24 lbs 14 ozs 6 D Gillman Mosella Bathampton A 19 lbs 10 ozs Teams A Div on day 1 Mosella Bathampton A 17 2 Mosella Bathampton B 15 3 Preston Innovations Thatchers 14 4 Sensas Nomads Black 8 B Div on day 1 Sensas Nomads Green 17 2 Stand & Deliver Promotions 16 3 DW Builders 13 4 M & N Electrical 7 A Div League overall 1 Mosella Bathampton A 67.5 2 Preston Innovations Thatchers 65 3 Mosella Bathampton B 54 4 Sensas Nomads Black 47.5 B Div League overall 1 Stand & Deliver Promotions 65 2 DW Builders 58 3 Sensas Nomads Green 55 4 M & N Electrical 53

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:



Matt Challenger
Lbs 34
Oz 0
Sponsor: Mosella Bathampton A

Runner Up:

Ian Stainer
Lbs 29
Oz 7
Sponsor: Sensas Nomads Green

Third Place:

Dean Harvey
Lbs 26
Oz 7
Sponsor: DW Builders

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