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Club 20 meadowlands Warren pool

Match/Event Name:* Club 20 meadowlands Warren pool
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 12/07/2019
Location of Match:* Meadowlands Coventry
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 26
Report: Meadowlands Warren pool was our venue for club 20 yesterday.. I drew peg 25 and it looked good. Fish were all in the top layers and showing everywhere...I set up pellet waggler a bomb rod... a short meat pole line and 2 margin lines for groundbait and corn..all out carp attack.." let's av it "..!!!.. At the all in 2 pouches of 6mm pellets went in at about 20m followed by my Preston ics match cube with a 6mm pellet on the hook..After 5 mins my rod ripped round and i was attached to a decent carp but then "ping" the hook pulled!! but I stayed confident and went straight back in..!! for the 1st hour I sat there without another bite... regular casting and feeding wasn't working....leaving the bomb in longer with less feed wasn't the pellet wag came out... another hour past of continuous casting twitching and feeding without a knock!! at this point I was sat there in disbelief that I hadn't had a I chucked an ics method over the top of my feed and sat on it for 15 mins...but the tip never moved!! frustrated and confused the rods went up the bank to concentrate on my short pole lines...meat over micros at 2+1.. alot of fast dinky roach bites but in the mix I had a few nice skimmers but cudnt keep them in the the last hour and half approached and i was still holding onto the the hope and saviour of carp coming into the margins...But no joy... roach were the only fish feeding there...realy horrible frustrating day when in hinds sight I should of put it a proper skimmer line.. but hey ho lesson learned.. at the weigh in I put 7lb of bits on the scales.(shocking)..which just about saved me from the boobie prize of the big orange fish!! A massive well done to Paul Munday who won the match with 44lb mostly of silver's a realy good angler who worked out from the start that the carp wouldn't be mad for it today... and he also had the honour of lifting the Bob Douglas memorial trophy at the presentation.. Bob was an original member of club 20 who unfortunatley past away a couple of year ago.. a lovely bloke sadly missed..????

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:



Paul Munday
Lbs 44
Oz 0
Sponsor: His wife 

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