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First open match at Oaklands

Match/Event Name:* first open match at Oaklands
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 29.06.19
Location of Match:* Oaklands fishery
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 6
Report: Saturday 29th June 2019 I had the pleasure of fishing in the 1st Open match Oakland have held. With it being my birthday I was absolutely buzzing. Unfortunately it had quite a few no shows so there was only 6 of us fishing, So Richard and Matty kindly waved the peg fees to make sure there was a healthy pot up for grabs. With my drawing hand being out of form of late I waited till last to draw and a shaded peg 17 was my destination and with the temperature set for the high 30s I was gratefull being ginger. I got to the peg which had lovely margins and an island about 18m away and thought "get in", I kept it simple...4mm pellet shallow at 2+2 a lovely 2ft margin swim to my left and a method feeder with 2mm pellets to the island. At the all in I started at the island and feeding my shallow line..5 mins later tip flew round and a beautiful 3lb common carp was soon in the net. After the 1st hour I had 22lb in the net catching nice and steady and I realy thought I would be on for a tonne.. But as the temperature got higher it slowed right down. I swapped between yellow band um's 6mm orange wafters and 4mm pellets on the hook but it didn't get me a after priming my shallow line for 2 hours but with no signs of movement I thought I would have a look with the "JIGGA" had a good 20mins on it with the only bite coming from a roach..!!! so back on the method and straight away bang fish on but it shot straight into a snag and broke me off above the feeder..!!! Calmly I set and clipped back up only for it to happen again after two 2lb bream. So I set and clipped up for a 3rd time and waited patiently ready to bully the next hungry carp to bite, But the tip was motionless. Confused and extremely hot and frustrated I look on my shallow line again but this time with a conventional shallow rig.. After slapping and tapping and still feeding for another 30 mins I only had 4 roach to show for it, So I shipped in and just sat watching the water for 10 minutes. I could see the fish feeding on the the patches of scum from the farmer cutting the fields the night before floating past to my right so I picked the jigga rig up with a yellow band um on the hook and managed to mug a few nice mirror carp before it floated out of my reach. With an hour and half to go I fed my margin swim with very wet micros and corn then went for a walk round to my dad who was on peg 10 and catching very nicely all match. So 1 hour to go I sat back on my box and picked up my margin rig baited with corn.. After 2 mins the float shot under and 4lb common carp was in the net after a mental 5 min fight. Here we go the come back is on..!! Another pot of feed goes in... followed by my rig...but nothing but a few half hour to go I started packing up to help with the weigh in... I had 47lb on my clicker and 2 bream about 2lb each.. At the weigh in I put 54lb 12oz on the scales which got my 2nd but was no match for my dad's 93lb... What a match he fished well chuffed for him maybe old dogs can be taught new tricks.. Another great day at Oakland's massive thank you to Matty and Richard.. looking forward to the next 

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:



Kevin owen
Lbs 93
Oz 6

Runner Up:

nick owen
Lbs 54
Oz 11
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