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Match Fishing July 2020 Featured

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A Team Approach To Feeder Fishing

01 July Ringer

Feeder fishing king Steve Ringer explains how to fish a feeder-only team event to give yourself the best chance of getting maximum points.

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A New Way With The Wag

02 July Cox

Darren Cox explains how he’s adapted his waggler tactics to catch more fish and at the same time trick those wary carp on the pellet waggler.

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What Lies In The Shadows

 03 July Amer

Many canals have been left untouched by anglers in recent years, but as Rive’s Amer Jawad shows, those far-bank features hold plenty of quality fish.

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Wetter Is Better

04 July Joe 

If there’s one bait that will sort out those bigger carp on commercials, it has to be the paste. Here Joe Carass reveals the paste fishing tricks he’s learnt over the years.

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Venue Detective

05 July May

This month Andy May visits a new fishery, just over the Welsh border in Flintshire, called Stamford Way Fisheries.

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06 July Shipp

Last summer we followed England international Des Shipp as he tackled a midweek open on the venue where he started his commercial fishing years ago, Moorlands Farm.



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