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Martin Stokes reports back from the Alders Farm Fishery Pt1

Marukyu backed angler Martin Stokes reports back from the Alders Farm Fishery in Milton Keynes...


On Friday I fished the beautiful Alders Farm Fishery in Milton Keynes, for me it was the first time at Alders. The venue itself is a stunning place that is full of carp. 

The match was a special event for all the Pro Staff and sponsored anglers at Marukyu. 

The lake for the day was called Pines, and I drew peg 17, which meant nothing to me, with pretty much every peg in on the lake I knew the fishing would be slightly hard. 

Started the match fishing 15m on the pole shallow, about 18 inches deep fishing a banded 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellet flavoured with Amino Scopex feeding 6mm Fishery pellets again flavoured with Amino Scopex. I had a good start putting a few small carp in the net, over the next hour the wind start to increase blowing strongly to my left, I could tell that my peg was fading as the carp started following the wind to the other end of the lake. 

Three Hours into the match it was clear that my area of the lake didn't stand a chance of winning the lake as many top class anglers were struggling for a bite. 

The few carp that were in the peg stopped feeding completely, at this point I decided to pick up my feeder rod, with small pellet feeder loaded with soaked 2mm pellets and a little Marukyu Pellet Skrunch Groundbait and a couple of dead red amino maggots.

Luckily my peg had a small island with a few overhanging trees, so looked a perfect feature for holding a few sneaky carp. 

I spent the last couple of hours, nicking the odd fish odd fish on the pellet feeder, it was hard work casting tight under the tree in a strong crosswind, but them carp were hiding under it and wouldn't move. Have to admit I was fishing the squirrels a few times. 

I Decided to have a few a chucks with the "New Marukyu 4 Bands" that were given out before the match and have say that they are a little bit special, so keep your out for when the get released in a few weeks. 

Come the end of the match, apart from my casting skills being a little rusty I was pleased and didn't feel like the peg was worth much more. I weighed 67lb 13oz, which was the best weight from my end of the lake and was good enough for 4th overall with the top three weights all coming from the other end of the lake where the wind was blowing. 

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I Have to save, even though the fishing was hard, it was a great event at a stunning venue, and was a pleasure to meet some of the new lads that have joined Marukyu this year. The match was covered by Tom Scholey at Catch More Media so keep your eyes out for the short film that will be released in a few weeks! 


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