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Martin Stokes reports from the Alders Farm Fishery Pt 2

On Saturday, it was second and final day of our venture to Alders Farm Fishery and this time it was on The Match Lake "Ash". After speaking to Trevor Price, the Fishery manager and local expert, he informed me that the fishing would be alot better than the previous day, he wasn't wrong!

The Open Match was sponsored by Marukyu with lots of prizes, for the winners. At the draw I drew peg 7, with the wind blowing the other end of the lake and lots of carp spawning, I started the match negative, just in case the fishing was hard. After catching a few on the long pole shallow early the previous day, I started on this line again, 6mm Marukyu Focus Pellet flavoured with Scopex Amino on the hook, pinging 6mm fishery pellets again flavoured with Amino Scopex. After about 20 minutes I hooked my first carp about 3lb, I was amazed by how hard the carp pulled back, I noticed a few anglers starting catching well on the pole short so I started attacking the shallow line, by feeding more bait, more frequently.
I had a good run of small carp, but just got the feeling it wasnt quick enough.

DSC 0022

I had a spare peg to my left so cupped in a couple of big balls of Marukyu's Pellet Skrunch loaded with maggots and an extra helping of Marukyu's Amino Cocconutty to add even more attractants. I went back on my shallow line, but within minutes I could fish moving down the edge.

I spent the rest of the match catching down the edge with on Cocconutty Red maggots, feeding a small cad pot of sloppy Pellet Skrunch Groundbait loose feeding maggots after hooking every fish.
To be honest I was amazed by how well it fished, and with a little more knowledge on the lake, and after speaking to some of the local lads about rigs and elastics, I should of definitely of fished alot more heavier.

Ended the match with 179lb 10oz, which was 4th overall, a good result against some great local lads, but still felt the peg was worth more, the top three weights, all weighed over 200lb and think if I was to fish the peg again I could of caught 200lb plus.
Just didn't have the right elastic and rigs for that type of fishing. My box is full of F1 rigs! ?
FB IMG 1496044277608

The Pellet Skrunch groundbait, red maggots, with the added Cocconutty Amino combination is definitely a great margin mix and something I will using again over the next few months. Overall it was still an awesome days fishing and can't wait to get back to Alders Farm for another match a little wiser.

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