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Partridge Lakes Open

Last Saturday I decided to get booked on at Partridge Lakes for the Open, it's is probably one of the only venues in the country, where the open matches at this time of the year are sell outs most weekends.

With plenty of anglers on the match, a good peg was needed to have any chance of framing, but my drawing arm let me down again, peg 66, Covey 3. Properly couldn't have drawn much worse. I knew it would be a hard day so decided to fish for everything that swims. I Nicked a couple of F1s on a top kit early on 6mm Red Jpzs, whilst feeding my caster lines, then spent most of the day catching roach, ide and the odd F1 shallow on Scopex Amino flavoured casters, as expected the fishing was hard, you would catch two fish and then would have to change depth or swims to get another bite, the caster swims had started slow down completely, so decided to have another look down the edge.

DSC 0011 02

I managed to catch a couple of nice carp and had a late run of F1s on a single 6mm Jpz, feeding Marukyu's new F1 Black Groundbait, and 2mm Focus Pellets. Finished the match with 57lb 13oz, which won the section! and also second on the lake, so was well pleased, especially with such a poor draw, some days you have to make the most of a bad peg, and when the fishing is a little bit harder, I don't think you can beat the Classic JPZ pellet to get you out of trouble! 

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