Angling News Week On Sale Now!

Loads of match related news inside!
It has been an eventful week in the angling world. For the first time in eighteen years, the former European Champion and World Champion, Will Raison has announced a change in sponsors - moving camps to join Old Ghost. We tell of exciting changes to Advanced Carp Fishing Magazine, with two new top name columnists, and a new consulting Editor. Then, there is the controversial story of the Warwickshire venue that has banned a bait - just because it is too effective, and anglers didn’t want to compete against it!

There is good news for fly anglers, in the shape of a new chalkstream charter - and exciting plans for new lakes at Cheshire Partirdge Lakes complex. From the carp fishing world, there is the story of Darrell Pecks first ever 50lb carp, and a funky video preview of Kevin Nash's new book, 'Demon Eye.'

In terms of features, we have tips from the best names in the business. Ian Chillcott, Matt Godfrey, Grant Albutt, Tom Colloff, Simon Everett, Stan Piecha grace our pages. On top of this, we have tackle reviews, venue reports and catch pictures. Enjoy!