The Best Laid Plans

Well I promised to give you a ‘warts ‘n’ all’ account, and even tell you when I haven’t caught a lot. Well that’s precisely what I did this weekend, caught very little!

Saturday saw me visit Woodland View nr Droitwich for a practice match for the following weeks Sensas/Garbolino match. Now I would love to tell you that this was a 100 peg sell-out, but in-truth it was a very poor 13 pegger! When you consider that the five members of my team that took the effort to go, all went through a 350mile+ round trip (except Denty who would have had a shorter journey had he decided to fish on the moon) it was pretty poor. In fact everyone who attended had travelled for miles, it just proves that as popular as I maybe think it is, commercial fishery silver fish fishing isn’t so!

Back to the match and we had a very interesting match, I drew on Back Deans pool and was told that there were hordes of small roach in there. I decided to target these close in and have several caster lines. I’m not lying when I say I had a bite a chuck! Every single cast of the day resulted in a bite, Fantastic fishing given the high winds that could quite easily have claimed a few pole sections! A few late bonus fish on casters gave me 18-10-0 at the weigh in, a few pounds adrift of the main frame. I had enjoyed the fishing at Woodlands but felt I should have done much better.

Sunday was all about the Thorne pairs on the Stainy. I drew Lee Peg 257, which was the end peg on the Dunstons section, and I drew myself a very average Peg 179. The first thing to contend with was the long walk, well it isn’t that long but the mud is horrific! I didn’t even set my barrow up and actually carried all my gear on my shoulders (how old fashioned!). My match never really got going and such was the strong winds my long line was never really an option, even though it was solid with hybrids. I caught small roach all day but knew I was never going to trouble the frame weights but I was fairly happy with my 9-7-0 as the series is to be decided on weight so my contribution would definitely help. Lee managed a solid 12-10-0 and a section win, we are currently lying in fourth place in the league, having won it for the past two years we are trying our best to win it again but with it being on weight anything could happen! 

Until next time,
Tight Lines
Joe Carass