Up Close: Middy M3 MKII Pole

There is something very empowering about gearing up for an afternoon margin session. Thick lines, big hooks, strong elastics… and then the bit that makes every angler feel a little more uneasy… the choice of carbon.

Fishing for big fish on heavy tackle puts strain on everything, which is why a margin pole is such a popular tool in the commercial angler’s armoury. They can fish with it with confidence, knowing it can handle the rigours of angry carp, and without risking the ‘crown jewel’ pole that they use for their general fishing.

But as I took the Middy M3 out of its bag, it didn’t feel like a margin pole at all. Remarkably light, very stiff, and with a lovely, smooth, ‘slik slide’ finish.

No, this pole felt more like you might expect a pole costing upwards of £1,000 to behave, especially at the 9m and 11m lengths.

Further reading on the Middy website revealed that it is the pole’s performance in the areas of balance and stiffness that has been improved compared to the MK1 model. According to Middy, the G-Pulse Fighter-Carbon fibres are made closer in proximity to each other, to create a parabolic super-tough action, without compromising weight and overall balance.