Up Close: Westlake Hercules Match Barrow

Pushing Forward
With anglers carrying an ever-increasing amount of tackle a barrow is an essential piece of kit on many venues. GO Outdoors’ Westlake brand continues to expand its portfolio of products and the Hercules Match Barrow is another product that has been launched recently.

Unpacking the box, I was immediately impressed by the compact nature of the barrow, and it won’t completely take over your car like the barrows of years gone by!

The barrow is a four-wheel design so it’s perfect for pushing along on any terrain and this is made easier by the wheels being adjustable to give extra ground clearance. Four wheels also gives it a much more stable feel and the balance across the wheels make pushing it an absolute dream.

While we’re on the subject of wheels, the Hercules barrow benefits from solid, puncture proof wheels that are reliable and hard wearing so there are no punctures or worries about going over sharp stones etc. which could cause issues with traditional tyre barrows.

The main frame is extendable so for all you anglers out there who like to take everything and the kitchen sink, you’ll be able to get all the gear you require onto the barrow with it fully extended and similarly, if you’re lightening the load, you can keep everything from rattling around with the barrow retracted.

Another clever feature that I liked on the Hercules barrow was the adjustable front bars which means that this barrow is compatible with any box on the UK market, keeping the box in place and secure on uneven ground.

At the handle end there is a rear carry compartment which is always handy and makes use of a formerly empty space – this area is perfect for putting a bucket, bait bag or even just some spare clothing.

Having had a walk to my peg with the Westlake Hercules barrow, I’m very impressed, the barrow is solid, offers plenty of versatility with the extending frame which allows different loads of tackle to be accommodated, and the addition of the rear carry compartment is a great feature too.

For you anglers out there who enjoy the more rugged natural venues, the height adjustment on the wheels could be just the thing you’ve been looking for to make getting to your peg a whole more comfortable.

For more information or to check the Hercules barrow out for yourself, head to your local GO Outdoors branch or alternatively you can visit www.gooutdoors.co.uk where you can receive a further discount with a members card!

RRP: £199.99
Members Card Price: £149.99
Website: www.gooutdoors.co.uk