Draw Fixing?

Dubious observations of a Match Fishing reader...
The Match Fishing editorial office recently took delivery of an e-mail from a concerned reader, reporting a number of dubious observations that he has noticed while on matches.
He explained: "I am a member of a local club that organises matches on two waters. Over the last couple of years anglers have been going elsewhere because they believe the match organiser has been cheating at the draw but no-one can get positive proof.

"He always seems to draw a peg:

a) Where the last match was won from
b) Where anglers have been bagging in pleasure sessions the week before
the match
c) Where he has been practicing

"He always draws last and never shows his peg number and just says what he has got if asked.

"My theory is that he decides what peg he wants and leaves it out of the draw bag. He then puts in the correct amount of pegs.
Whatever the last peg in the bag is he then simply discards.

"There have been many times when anglers have commented that a decent peg has been 'left out'. This is obviously the one that has not been drawn.

"I don't want to approach him without proof but I don't really know what to do next. I don't want to stop fishing the matches as I enjoy them.

"If you could publish this it would let him know that anglers know what he is up to and hopefully he would become more

"Is this a common problem?

"Any ideas would be gratefully received."

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