Garbolino Lindholme Opens

Anglers needed a ton to stand a chance with biggest net falling to Allerton at nearly 190lb.

Tuesday September 27 open
Bonsai Lake
27 fished

1 John Allerton (Tricast) peg 29 caught on maggot and bomb for 189lb 11oz
2 Scot Rispin (Vespe) peg 21 caught on maggot shallow for 109lb 8oz
3 Mark Booth (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 9 caught on caster to island for 98lb 7oz
4 Adam Harrison (Lindholme) peg 74 caught on mud bank for 88lb 8oz

Wednesday September 28 open
Willows Lake
17 fished

1 Matt Pilley (Maver) peg 12 caught on maggot to for 149lb 2oz
2 Steve Barraclough (Ultimate Barnsley ) peg 32 caught on maggot at 13 mtrs for 134lb 11oz
3 Dave George (Lindholme) peg 22 caught on worm for 113lb 14oz
4 Paul Hart (Lindholme) peg 50 caught on maggot for 107lb 13oz

Thursday September 29 open
Bonsai Lake
26 fished

1 Darren Taylor (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 31 caught on maggot and bomb for 159lb 8oz
2 Matt Pilley (Maver) peg 35 caught on maggot and bomb for 119lb 8oz
3 Matt Hunter (Royal British Legion) peg 70 caught on meat for 112lb 14oz
4 John Allerton (Tricast) peg 69 caught on maggot for 109lb 14oz

Saturday October 1 open
Beeches Lake
29 fished

1 Pete Rilley (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 21 caught on maggot for 118lb 5oz
2 John Allerton (Tricast) peg 8 caught on maggot and bomb for 102lb 7oz
3 Alan Crouch (Garbolino Osset) peg 7 caught on maggot and feeder for 89lb 7oz
4 Greg Norris (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 34 caught on caster for 81lb 5oz

Sunday September 2 open
Bonsai Lake
34 fished

1 Mark Booth (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 69 caught on maggot for 138lb 4oz
2 Colin Wood (Bait Kitchen) peg 74 caught on maggot to mud bank for 132lb 13oz
3 Craig Thompson (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 36 caught on caster and worm for 122lb 11oz
4 John Allerton (Tricast) peg 72 caught on maggot for 107lb 6oz
5 Alan Crouch (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 27 caught on maggot for 99lb 8oz
6 Matt Pilley (Maver) peg 36 caught on maggot for 98lb 6oz