Iffers Festival 2011

This three-day annual event goes from strength-to-strength thanks to the excellent organisation of Glyn Sherwood and his team, and it was fitting that Glyn achieved his best result so far.

Day 1  –  Redhill Fishery Monmouth

Competitors were greeted with heavy drizzle on the first day at Redhill, Monmouth where the 33 anglers were spread over Molly’s and Sophie’s. The fishing was surprisingly below par considering recent results at the venue, but give young Sam Prosser a half decent peg and everyone else is in catch up mode.
Sam didn’t disappoint turning on a great display of paste and pellet fishing for a clear win overall from Molly’s peg 20 in section D, beating venue specialist Tony Summers into second place on the next peg. Mark Hudson got his festival off to a great start from peg 2, taking sizeable carp for a section C win.
The normally prolific Sophie’s pool saw anglers struggling for bites in the latter stages, but Steve Brooks had done enough to finish a clear lake winner from section B, peg 18 just ounces behind overall winner Sam. Greg Roberts needed just 35lbs 8oz to take maximum points in A section.

Day 2  -  Lydney Lake

Bright sunshine and hot conditions prevailed on day 2, and hopes of a good draw and catching big bream were in everyone’s mind.  However, the change in the weather mad the bream switch off, and only two weights over 20lbs were recorded, including a terrific 30lbs plus bag of method caught bream by Glyn Sherwood who has a tremendous record at this lake.
The other was taken by Andy Prosser from peg 2 to win section A, but it was his 16-year-old son Sam who again turned on the style to win section C, beating Mark Hudson by just an ounce off the next peg.
Craig Brown won section D taking early fish from peg 11. Most competitors took big bream and skimmers on boilies fished in a method feeder.
After 2 days the spotlight was firmly on young Sam, who won the inaugural festival in 2009, at the age of just 13!

Day 3  -  Hartleton Lake

When Sam drew a peg in the bay his face dropped but a strong head wind coupled with Sam’s undoubted expertise meant that he was unstoppable and recorded his third section win for a maximum score of 27 points to win the three-day festival. He didn’t have it easy, switching between pole and feeder and losing a big fish early on. However, he has nerves of steel for one so young and finished well clear in his section. The most productive method for him was feeder fished red maggot, taking several sizeable skimmer bream.
Martin Porter took the lake win with a near 30lb bag from the wood side to win section C, with Mark Hudson recording another second in section to secure second spot overall in the festival.
Mark Wellington won D section to lift himself up the table overall, and Tim Davis took A section. Andre Edwards also drew a big cheer for his second in section.

The event was voted a huge success with prizes being awarded down to seventeenth overall. Marilyn Meek’s presence was warmly appreciated as ever, and she presented the trophies to the top  ive anglers.  
Sam was a worthy winner and must surely have a bright future in the sport. His obvious skill and application is matched with an excellent temperament.
Glyn Sherwood should be singled out for special praise for the top class organisation and professionalism. Thanks should also go to Wye Angling and Shimano UK for the support given.


Day 1   Redhill, Monmouth
1st Sam Prosser (Wye Angling) 67-8-0
2nd Steve Brooks (Forest Nomads) 66-12-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) 60-15-0
4th John Macklin (Newent) 60-4-0

Section winners: Greg Roberts, Steve Brooks, Mark Hudson, Sam Prosser.

Day 2   Lydney Lake
1st Glyn Sherwood (Wye Angling) 31-8-0
2nd Andy Prosser (Iffers) 20-3-0
3rd Craig Brown (Wye Angling) 17-3-0
4th Darren Saunders (Iffers) 16-0-0

Section winners: Glyn Sherwood, Andy Prosser, Craig Brown, Sam Prosser.

Day 3   Drummonds Lake
1st Martin Porter (Iffers) 29-9-0
2nd Mark Hudson (Iffers) 23-3-0
3rd Andy Read (Iffers) 19-9-0
4th Mark Wellington (Iffers) 19-7-0

Section winners: Sam Prosser, Tim Davis, Martin Porter, Mark Wellington.    

Overall Festival result table:   
1st Sam Prosser 27
2nd Mark Hudson 25
3rd Glyn Sherwood 24
4th Andy Prosser 23
5th Mark Wellington 22
6th Alan Simmons 20
7th Steve Brooks 19
8th Tony Summers 19
9th Andy Read 19
10th Greg Roberts 18