Jan Porter A Very Sad Loss...

The death of Jan Porter is a great loss, not only for the world of angling, but for the wider people who knew, befriended and were in contact with him.

An incredible ambassador for the sport and the brands he represented, Jan was best known in his early match fishing days as ‘the man in red’, thanks to his all-red tackle and clothing. He then assumed a camou-clad approach to angling, while still sporting the famed long hair and pony-tail look that saw him become one of angling’s most recognisable figures.

I remember on one occasion being able to spot him a mile off on one of the country’s biggest motorways, thanks in no small part to his fishing wagon, which sported a full camou vinyl wrap to match his clothing. Quite ironic that I was able to see him so easily given the main function of camouflage print!

While I was by no means one of his closest friends I greatly enjoyed Jan’s company when our paths crossed, either at shows or on the bank.

Many may know that he had been battling illness for some time and while his death was possibly expected in recent days, that fact does nothing to soften the loss to the friends and family to whom he was closest.

Jan – sadly you join a team of fantastic anglers ‘up there’, and way before your time, too. May the pools above be full of tench and may you continue to enjoy the sport that you dedicated your life to. Rest in peace, you will be missed by all.

Alex Bones