Lindholme Open Matches

Weekend open results see close weights from across the fishery's waters.

Garbolino Lindholme open match results

Saturday October 8
Open Match All Lakes the big bash breast cancer match
126 fished

1 Matt Pilley (Maver) peg 55 Oasis Lake
Caught on maggot to far bank for 78lb 5oz

2 Steve Barraclough (Ultimate Barnsley) peg 16 Laurels
Caught on caster shallow for 62lb 11oz

3 Chris Kendall (Yanglers) peg 43 Willows Lake
Caught on pellets for 59lb 14oz

4 J Golding (Lindholme) peg 48 Willows Lake
Caught on maggot for 49lb 9oz

5 Steve Rothery (Garbo Lindholme) peg 10 Strip
Caught on meat for 48lb 2oz

6 G Chapman peg 27 Oasis Lake
Caught on pellets for 42lb 13oz

Sunday October 9
Open Match Bonsai Lake
35 fished

1 Craig Lealand (Lindholme) peg 74
Caught on maggot to island for 89lb 7oz

2 Darren Taylor (Garbolino Lindholme) peg 35
Caught to island on pellets  for 85lb 15oz

3 Neil Fisher (Dynamite Baits) peg 70
Caught on pole with maggot and bomb to island for 84lb 1oz

4 Lee Barrat (Worms UK)
caught on worm and caster for 83lb 13oz

5 John Allerton (Tricast) peg 68
Caught on magot for 81lb 11oz

6 Johnny Kenning (Garbolino Osset) peg 9
Caught on caster shallow for 78lb 4oz