Partridge Lakes Fishery Sunday Open Match

Match/Event Name:* Sunday Open Match 
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 19.03.17
Location of Match:* Covey 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Spey
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 76
Report: Due to high demand (over 20 anglers on the reserve list), Spey Lake was brought into the Open Match to provide more space for the anglers. Spey is a consistent water and proved itself competing against the Coveys in the Sunday Open. The winner caught on corn to the next pallet and down the edge. 

Top 3 Anglers & Weights:

Winner: Ste Burgess
Lbs 108
Oz 09
Sponsor: Garbolino Elton 
Runner Up: Peter Humphries
Lbs 103
Oz 06
Sponsor: Rochdale Angling Center
Third Place: Nick Haymes
Lbs 101
Oz 06
Sponsor: Maver N/ West