Promising Weekend

With the big money Match This final playing host to a superb line up of hopefuls this weekend promises to be a good one.

Pole Fishing editor Jon Arthur will be there competing in the runners-up £5,000 final on the specimen lake and Joe Carass will be sat behind Lee Kerry as his wingman for the day. Tom Scholey, Pole Fishing’s editorial assistant, will be sat with with Stuart Lister hoping he can coach Stu to a big pay-day win.

I, on the other hand, will be at Roy Marlow’s fantastic Glebe and Mallory Park complex fishing in the annual AT Masters event. It’s a venue I love and you just never know where the winner’s going to come from.

The Sunday gone saw me return to my home water – Packington Somers – where I fished an open match on Molands Lake. It has been fishing hard, with some productive areas, but true to form I managed to avoid the good swims and ended up on peg four. Everyone struggled around me, but I managed a section win with 26lb 8oz. I fished the Method feeder tight across to the island and fished a single-minded five hours.

Good luck if you’re out this weekend...I’ll report back on tomorrow’s match on the Glebe next week.

Alex Bones