Raf Team Mosella Challenge

Nine teams of 5 entered this annual challenge, providing a strong field for the RAF Mosella team to finish off their Division one practice week.

New Junction Canal, Kirkhouse Green

15th August 2011, 45 Pegs

Although the canal was carrying a good colour, hot bright conditions and little flow made the fishing hard for the majority of the field. Local lads, Sensas North read the conditions perfectly and took the team trophy with 15 points. Although they were pushed all the way by the RAF Team Mosella Red team, who finished only a point behind, relegating the mighty Ultimate Barnsley Blacks into 3rd position.

On the individual front, Sensas North man John Freeborn fished a brilliant match to take 11-14-0 from peg322. John caught Roach on squatt over groundbait and then took some better stamp fish on hemp later in the match. In the runners-up slot was Garbolino Harrison Lincs County’s Shaun Stockley. Shaun had a very early Chub on the feeder off peg 329 and then took the majority of his 10-03-0 from his 16 metre pole line, adding Eels, Skimmers and a further Chub. Third place was a tie on 8-3-0 between Brian Werret’s Roach catch off peg 354 and James Dent’s bigger fish on bomb and worm from peg 360.

Individual Result:
• 1st John Freeborn Sensas North 11-14-0
• 2nd Shaun Stockley Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County 10-03-0
• 3rd Jt Brian Werret Sensas North 08-03-0
• 3rd Jt James Dent Ultimate Barnsley Blacks 08-03-0
• 5th Alan Houlton Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County 08-02-0
• 6th Bryan Hawkes Stainforth Angling Centre 07-07-0        

Team Result:
• 1st Sensas North 15 Pts
• 2nd RAF Team Mosella Red 16 Pts   
• 3rd Ultimate Barnsley Blacks 20 Pts (On section wins)
• 4th Stainforth Angling Centre 20 Pts   
• 5th Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County 24 Pts