River Wye Team Championships

Match/Event Name:* River Wye Team Championships
Date (dd/mm/yyyy):* 26/02/2017
Location of Match:* River Wye, Hereford
Number of Pegs/Anglers:* 60
Report: Wye Team Championships 26-02-2017 It was touch and go as to whether this years event would take place due to high water levels, but the decision was made to run the match with a slight change to pegging. 10 teams of six anglers fished across the Belmont, Bartonsham and Eign sections. Barbel were expected to be the dominant species, but with the rising water, and lots of debris clogging up the river, they didn't show as well as expected. Belmont section did however produce plenty of dace and roach bites for most. Top team on the day was the experienced Wizards squad who scored well in most sections to accumulate only 25 penalty points. The squad was full of Wye experts and was made up of Paul johnson, Mike Johnson, Pete Goulding, Craig Haupt, Steve Maher & Colin Harvey. Runners up were the ever consistent Premier Team Woodys who finished 3 points back on 28. Finishing joint 3rd on 29 points was Shakespeare Super Team and Woodys Academy. On the individual front Top angler on the day was Verne Taylor with a weight of 18-8-0. Fishing for Woodys Academy the Hereford angler caught a bream, a chub and a barbel on groundbait feeder tactics from the bottom end of Eign section. Runner up, catching 4 big chub from Bartonsham, was experienced Wye Rod Martin Challenger, and making up the frame was Welshman Dean knott who caught a mixed bag of roach, dace and chub from the Tennis courts. Pictured. The wizards squad Paul Johnson, Mike Johnson, Pete Goulding, Craig Haupt, Steve Maher & Colin Harvey