Sensas Chl Round 2

Bristol Avon shows good form as the Preston Innovations Thatchers take full advantage.

Sensas Commercial House League
Round 2
Bristol Avon from Swinford to Jack Whites
54 pegs

Sunny with showers was the order of the day as anglers settled into the second round of the Sensas Commercial House League on the Bristol Avon. And with a bit more flow on the river than in the previous round some good sport was on offer, with 17 of the anglers posting double figure weights.

It was Liam Braddell who took the honours though, winning the match from near the split willows in the cornfield at Swinford.

At the start he balled in 12 ‘jaffas’ of groundbait at 11 metres with lots of chopped worms, loosefeeding 2pints of castors and 2pints of worms over this line during the match. 
The approach gave the Preston innovations Thatchers rod 9lb of roach and 2 bream on the pole before a switch to feeder over his pole line delivered another 5 bream for a total weight of 30lb 8 oz.

Second was Roy Carter who drew peg 5 at Swinford. He fished the groundbait feeder from start to finish two thirds of the way across the river with worm on the hook, catching four Bream, seven skimmers and a few bits for a weight of 28lb 5oz.

Lee Trivett completed the top three, fishing peg 17 at Swinford to net 11lb of roach and dace on the crowquill fishing caster down the middle. Later on in the match Lee switched to waggler to catch another 4lb of roach and dace, plus 7lb of chub for a total weight of 22lb 8oz.

Individual Results

1st Liam Bradell, Preston Innovations Thatchers B, 30lb 8oz

2nd Roy Carter, DW Builders, 28lb 5oz

3rd Lee Trivett, Preston Innovations Thatchers A, 22lb 8oz

4th Paul Purchase, M&N Services, 19lb 2oz

5th Neil Mercer, Maver Bathampton Red, 17lb 7oz

6th Kev Boltz, BTM Services, 14lb 2oz

Team Results

Division A

1st Preston Innovations Thatchers B, 23 points

2nd Maver Bathampton Red, 20 points

3rd Preston Innovtions Thatchers A, 19 points

4th Maver Bathampton Blue, 16 points

5th Town and Country, 12 points

Division B

1st BTM Services, 6.5 points

2nd DW Builder, 6 points

3rd M&N Services, 4.5 points

4th Sensas Wiltshire Angling, 3 points