Short But Sweet

With my busy schedule with work and with the Dynamite Baits festival coming up at White Acres, I decided to have a bit of time off this weekend. I did however manage to sneak a couple of hours in last night after work.

I decided to have a short session at The Banks fishery at Barby, Jon, Tom and I had a walk around last week and I was really impressed with the venue. It is a 106-peg snake lake that is very diverse, there is a long straight that used to be an old canal and then the fishery turns into a very twisty snake lake with lots of little arms. I think you could fish a peg on it and nobody would know you were there!

Anyway it was nice to take advantage of the clocks going forward. With just over two hours light, I decided to have a bit of a play fishing pellets across to the far side. Initially with it still being fairly clear I chose to fish in about two feet of water. I was feeding micro pellets and fishing a 4mm Yorkshire Baits Garlic pellet on the hook and was soon into a steady run of fish.

The fish were much bigger than I had anticipated and my first two fish would have gone 25lb between them! I quickly realised the fish were in a feeding mood so started to fish tight to the far bank on the ‘mud line’ where it is about six to eight inches deep. It didn’t take long before the fish ventured into the shallow water and I was soon catching a big carp every cast in.

So in two hours I had caught somewhere in the region of 150lb, all on a March evening after work! So if you have a few hours to spare on an evening why not get out on the bank instead of watching the TV!

Tight lines
Joe Carass