Spring Classic Festival 2015

Westwood Lakes, Boston, Lincolnshire – Over £12,000 In Prize Money! – Tuesday May 12th, Wednesday May 13th and Thursday, May 14th.
Daiwa is proudly sponsoring the first three-day match fishing event at Westwood Lakes, Boston, in Lincolnshire, in May 2015. The Spring Classic Festival will be fished on Skylark, Falcon, Osprey and Hawk lakes, with 40 anglers per lake, rotating each day.

Entry fee for the festival is £120 per angler, which covers all peg fees and pools. This is a 120-peg festival and tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Based on 120 anglers fishing, the following payouts will apply:

Twelve sections of 10 anglers per day, paying: 1st £60, 2nd £40 (by default)

£400 per lake each day, paying: 1st £200, 2nd £125, 3rd £75

Please note that Osprey and Hawk lakes will count as one lake for the festival.

Overall payout as follows:
1st £1,500, 2nd £1,000, 3rd £750, 4th £500, 5th £400, 6th £350, 7th £300, 8th £250, 9th £200, 10th £150

Plus tackle-voucher prizes from Daiwa as follows:
1st £1,000, 2nd £600, 3rd £400, 4th £200, 5th £100 6th to 10th place all £75 each

The above payouts are based on all 120 tickets being sold, and are subject to change depending on the number of anglers fishing. Overall result will be decided on section points accumulated. In the result of a tie on points, the overall result will be decided on the anglers’ weights.

Full payment of £120 is required on purchase of a ticket for the festival. Payments can only be accepted in cash, or cheques made payable to “Westwood Lakes Ltd”.

Refunds will only be issued if requested on or before January 31st, 2015. After this date no refunds will be issued.  

Telephone 01205 724162 for more details, or e-mail: [email protected]