Sunderland Fac Winter League

Report from the Sunderland FAC winter league match at Silksworth Lake, Sunderland.

Silksworth Lake, Sunderland
| 16/10/2011 | Number of pegs/anglers: 12

Robbie Schindler won the match fishing pinkie on the pole at 10 metres and on the waggler feeding next to nothing. He ended his match with approximately 70 small roach and perch.

Second placed Bob Nash had a net of roach and perch again on either feeder, pole or waggler, but using maggot.

Ian Foster was third only half an ounce behind second getting most of his fish on the pole with maggot over groundbait.

Top 3 anglers and weights:
1: R.Schindler (Woodlands Whites) Weight: 5lb 1oz
2: B.Nash (Sunderland) Weight: 3lb 15.5oz
3: I.Foster (Sunderland) Weight: 3lb 15oz