Tight At The Top!

Close fought battle in Soar Valley Winter League
Any angler who thought that the days of close fought team competitions are dead, should check out the latest result of the Soar Valley Winter League- where Matrix Dynamite Trentmen and the newly entered Leicester Sensas are having an extremely tight fought battle.

After taking an early lead in the first round, defending champions Trentmen were sitting pretty at the top of the league.The second round saw a dramatic change however, as Leicester made the most of a brilliant draw to win the round with 27pts- and more importantly open up a 14 point lead over Trentmen in the overall league stakes.

The third round saw Leicester further their lead, though it was a much closer result, with a moody river seeing both teams yielding some poor section scores. Come the fourth round of the six match series, it was make or break time for Trentmen- and with a flooded river the round was shifted to the Loughborough Canal, making things even more interesting.

After an extremely close match, Trentmen got the win they so desperately needed to stay in contention- and also had the individual winner in Adrian Higginbottom, who banked a remarkable 18lb of roach.

Pleasingly, other individual placings throughout the league have been spread out well, with anglers from every team making the frame at some time or other. The nature of the venues mean that anybody fishing is capable of winning on the day- with weights of chub, bream, roach, dace or even perch possible from different sections of the river.

With two rounds of the league remaining, it will be nip and tuck to see which team manages top spot- and the twelve months of bragging rights that go with it!


Round One


1 Pete Scott( Leicester Sensas) 9kg 310grms
2 Martin Halford (Garbolino Linc's County) 7kg 650grms
3rd Pete Jayes (Wigston AS) 7kg 000grms
4th Lee Wright (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 6kg 620grms
5th Sammie Perkins Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 4kg 700gms

1 Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 29 pts
2 Leicester Sensas 34pts
3 Quorn AS 35 pts
4 Garbolino Linc's County 37pts
5  Long Eaton Fed  44pts
6 Maver Loughborough Soar  46pts
7 Wigston AS  52 pts

Round Two

1  Mark Eustace (Leicester Sensas)  12kg.075g
2 Pete Hamilton( Maver Loughborough) 11kg.120g
3  Mark Godfrey (Leicester Sensas)  10kg 540g
4 Neil Smithson (Garbolino Linc's County) 7kg 250g
5 Joe Oakes (Wigston AS)  6kg 200g
6 John Eccles (Long Eaton Fed) 5kg 750g

1 Leicester Sensas  27pts
2 Wigston AS   35PTS
3 Long Eaton Fed
Maxtrix Dynamite Trentmen 41 pts
5 Quorn AS 42 Pts
6 Garbolino Linc's County  45 pts
7 Maver Loughborough Soar 48pts

Round Three

1 Alan Wright (Long Eaton Fed)  10kg 600g
2 Paul Pettener (Quorn AS) 5KG 600G
3 Mark Perkins (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 5kg380g
4 Steve Gardener (Wigston AS)  5kg 250g
5 Pete Hamilton (Loughborough Maver Soar) 5KG 230G
6 Ian Phillips (Long Eaton Fed) 5kg 050g

1 Long Eaton Fed
Leicester Sensas both  31pts
3 Matrix Dynamite Trentmen
Quorn AS both  39pts
5 Garbolino Lincs County  45 pts
6 Maver Loughborough soar
Wigston AS both  47 pts

Round Four

1 Adrian Higgingbottom (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 8kg 700g
2 Tony Beech (Quorn AS)  6kg 700g
3 Pete Scott (Leicester Sensas) 6kg 600g
4 Andy Dixon (Garbolino Lincs County) 5kg 570g
5 Tony Cahill (Long Eaton Fed) 4kg 260g
6 Pete Marlow (Leicester Sensas) 3kg 950g

1 Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 25 points
2  Leicester Sensas 27points
3 Quorn AS 38 points
4 Maver Loughborough Soar 44 points
5 Wigston AS 47 points
6 Long Eaton Fed 48 points
7 Garbolino Lincs county 51 points


1 Leicester Sensas 119 points
2 Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 134 points
3 Quorn AS 154
4 Long Eaton Fed 164 points
5 Garbolino Linc's County 178 points
6 Wigston AS 181 points
7 Maver Loughborough Soar 185 points