" An Unbelievable Result"

Four section wins and a third for Drennan Team England.

Drennan Team England have recorded one of the most convincing first day results in World Championship history, taking just seven points on the first day of this years competition in Poland on the Żerański Channel in Warsaw, Poland.

Will Raison, Alan Scotthorne, Sean Ashby and Steve Hemingray have all won their sections - with Des Shipp finishing in third place.

Although the final points tallies are yet to be confirmed, it is thought that this will give England a very convincing lead over their rivals.

Stand out performer at the scales for England are Steve Hemingray and Alan Scotthorne, both of whom more than doubled the second placed angler in their sections.

England team co manager, Mark Downes commented: "I am obviously delighted with the first day result. To be honest, the venue chosen this year has made a nice change for us, as the last few years we have been fishing for species that we aren't use to catching in the UK.

This years venue has been very much like an English deep canal, and targetting roach and perch on this kind of venue is more like familiar territory for us. This has meant we have had two weeks to refine our tactics, rather than having to learn how to target species that are new to us."

Pole Fishing magazine's Matt Godfrey was on the bank, and reported: "It has been an amazing match to watch, and as our unbelievable result proves, England had it dead right when it came to tactics on the day. Watching Drennan Team England in action, it is easy to see why we are regarded as being the best teams in the world. With a bit of good luck at the draw tomorrow, I can imagine we will have good cause for celebration tomorrow night."

England Team Result:

Sean Ashby: 2kilos 420g (section win)
Steve Hemingray: 4kilos 350g (section win)
Des Shipp: 5 kilos 575 (section third)
Will Raison: 3 kilos 300g  (section win)
Alan Scotthorne: 3kilos 200g (section win)