Venue Detective

On most of these venues I visit, the fisheries all have a few lakes that offer different types of fishing, and also it’s lovely to do some rod and line fishing as most of my fishing these days revolves around fishing tight across on snake lakes using the pole, especially when coaching. Today though, I’ve bought the Match Fishing cameras to the absolutely stunning Izaak Walton Fishery, a venue I last visited in 2018 when I did a very quick evening feature on the Canal Lake. While doing that feature though, I had a walk round the lakes and really wanted to have a go at the great big wobbly carps in the Bottom Lake, which contains some absolute units up to 25lb, with lots of doubles! I honestly can’t believe how much the venue has changed in just three years.


George and Trisha Taylor have created an amazing fishery which is still being worked on, it looks absolutely perfect though as it is! Trisha makes the most amazing breakfast sandwiches in the lovely on-site tea room. Look out for all the wildlife too, alpacas, guinea fowl, peacocks… and their lovely little three-legged doggy Charlie, ha-ha he’s ace! George and Trisha really have worked wonders and looking at match results I don’t think the venue has ever fished as well and that’s testament to how much work they are putting in.

I was actually here a few weeks ago filming some Winning Ways stuff and had to come back for another go. A fairly decent angler called Jamie Hughes (ha-ha, sorry mate, you’re the best in the world really!) has been fishing here lots the past few weeks while fishing in his FA cup style knockout tournament and his weights have been incredible. Four visits and not had less than 100lb every time, back-up weights in matches are superb too. There’s even a lake full of instant wins, which we recently filmed on! Today it’s all about the Bottom Lake or speci pool and for me the best way of fishing ever, the waggler. I am going to set up the Method and the bomb as well, but conditions are perfect for the waggler. First off though, it’s time for a bacon and sausage sandwich, which was amaaaaayzinggg and lasted approximately five bites!

Hmmmm, a little more complicated than the normal tub of pellets or tub of maggots this time and first off, I’ve prepared some 2mm F1 Sweet micro pellets for the Method. I’ve completely soaked around a pint and then just drained the water off so that they are just poking through the top layer of water, then leave them for 20 minutes while you set the rest of your gear up. Come back to the pellets and put them in a large bowl and give them a stir and I like to then just add a bit of fishmeal groundbait and for me Green Swim Stim is the number-one choice, literally just a little sprinkle and give the pellets another mix and you will have perfect micros for the Method. I’ve got some 8mm F1 Sweet hard pellets for the waggler and bomb and then just some change of hook baits for the method, but mainly 7mm yellow Wowsers!