Westwood Lakes Match

In the latest £1000 qualifier sub fishe’s Dan Watson took the honours with a fine bag of stocky carp from peg 22 on Kestrel Lake, Dan fished pellet at 13m in the open water to catch steadily all day.

Sunday £1000 Qualifier Match Kestrel Lake
•    1st Dan Watson, Sub Fish, 98lb 08oz
•    2nd Dan Semper, Anglers Corner, 73lb 08oz
•    3rd Pete Andrews, Westwood Lakes 71lb 02oz

Tuesdays £1000 qualifier was won by Dynamite and Middy backed Tony Evans. Tony Evans drew peg 8 and fished soft 4mm pellet over 2mm micro pellets to record 74lb 08oz of small carp barble ide Skimmers and Tench.

Tuesday’s £1000 Qualifier Match Skylark Lake
•    1st Tony Evans, Middy/Dynamite Baits
•    2nd Steve Lane, Castle A/C, 70lb 08oz
•    3rd Toby Pepper, Hunstanton Tackle, 64lb 14oz

Thursday’s Over 50’s Skylark Lake 22 pegs

•    1st Gus Jarret, Anglers Corner, 61lb 08oz
•    2nd John Gooden, 66lb 08oz
•    3rd Ken Clark, Westwood Lakes, 58lb 12oz
•    4th Smudge Smith, Bag em, 57lb 10oz

Friday’s Open Evening Kestrel Lake 13 pegs
•    1st Luke Morley, Miracle Baits, 86lb 08oz
•    2nd Steve Lane, Castle A/C 60lb 06oz
•    3rd Ron Roberts, Westwood Lakes, 30lb 14oz