Win a full set of Nufish X-Strong In-Line pole floats

This competition is now closed, the winner are Ian Hewitt from Wymondham and Geoff Laurence from Cheshire.

There are six patterns in this new range of floats from ever growing tackle brand NuFush, designed by the NuFish team of experts and consultants to cover the majority of commercial and stillwater fishing situations. The finish on them looks superb and we can see these going down well among the match fraternity and seeing their way into many a pole winder tray.

Inline System
Durability and reliability are key, with the demands placed on pole floats being more intense than ever before! NuFish designed all of the floats to have an inline body, combined with a power eye to ensure they remain super tough. The inline tubing prevents the line cutting into the float body when put under stress.

Visible Tips!
Hollow hi-viz bristles feature throughout the range. These are nicely buoyant and durable but most importantly you can see them even in poor light. There are a range of diameters from 1.5mm of the Bulk floats right up to a whopping 4mm on the Big Head!

Rohacell Rocks
NuFish has gone for the finest materials available and the tough Rohacell foam is used throughout the range. This material is the benchmark for pole float manufacture allowing impressive strength and shotting accuracy to be achieved.

Two Stems
There are two stem types in the range – nickel titanium and fibreglass. The NiTi wire is featured on the Bulk and Cypri patterns to give them the stability to suit their purpose. Tough fibreglass is featured in the rest of the range to ensure they are up to the task of catching huge commercial weights!

Power Eye
Not wanting the floats to let you down, NuFish opted for the tried and trusted Power Eye. This eye sits around the stem so that a direct pull doesn’t just pull on the foam body (a notorious weak spot), which means that you get the finesse of a side eye with improved reliability.

Big Head
A short dibber style float with a highly buoyant and visible 4mm hollow tip. Perfect for mugging and slapping situations, this float cocks immediately and supports even the biggest of baits.

Sizes: 4x10, 4x12, 4x14

Designed as the all-rounder, the Cypri can be used with a variety of baits. The 1.75mm tip is super-visible and can be dotted down beautifully. The NiTi wire offers stability when deck fishing but can also be used for on the drop styles.

Sizes: 4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16, 4x18

A body down pattern with a 1.5mm bristle and NiTi wire stem. A popular style of float for open water fishing when looking to fish a stationary bait.

Sizes: 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.75g, 1g

Designed as a summer bagging float. The 2.5mm tip is ideal for margin and short pole work where bigger baits are required. The fibreglass stem is durable and stable and if you are looking for a bagging float for five feet of water or less then the Fury is exactly what you need.

Sizes: 4x10, 4x12, 4x14, 4x16

Designed with shallow water situations in mind, the Tinx has a body down diamond shape that is incredibly stable despite this float’s tiny physical size. Ideal for margin or island work but also suitable for shallow fishing.

Sizes: 4x8, 4x10, 4x12, 4x14

Jigga fishing has never been more popular and this simple pattern works amazingly well. Featuring a stainless steel coil that sets the float immediately allowing the jigging to commence.

Size: 4x14

RRP: All floats £2.20 each

For your chance to win, simply answer the following question. Good luck!


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