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Closing date: Friday, April 1st, 2022.

Thanks to those generous people at Dynamite Baits we have a bucketload of fantastic bait (and the bucket) to give away to each of five lucky winners!

Here’s what you can win:
 Swim Stim Method-Mix 2kg £7.25
 Swim Stim F1 Groundbait 800g £4.45
 Swim Stim Commercial Silver-Fish Groundbait Dark 900g £4.45
 Swim Stim Red Krill 900g £4.45
 Pro Expander Amino Original 4mm 300g £3.25
 Pellet Soak F1 500ml £5.25
 Wowsers Yellow ES-F1 7mm Tub £4.25
 Dynamite Fishing Towel £6.99 Match Cap £6.25
 Match Bucket £6.99

Swim Stim Method-Mix
Designed in conjunction with match fishing legend Steve Ringer, these groundbaits have true pedigree, utilising advanced Koi technology and packed with proteins, amino acids and other unique ingredients. The Match Method-Mix contains ground fishmeals, Dynamite’s own classic squid and octopus attractants and ground expander pellets – perfect for the Method feeder to enable a quick, explosive breakdown. As an added extra, it now comes in a big 2kg pack in new, recyclable packaging.

Swim Stim F1 Groundbait
A sweet and creamy blend of all season attractants, this best selling low feed content groundbait is made with Koi technology and designed to draw and hold F1s in your swim for longer. The groundbait is ideal for winter/spring use or on days when you don’t want to overfeed the fish. Easy to mix it creates a fish-attracting cloud in the water to help draw and hold F1s or silver fish to feed. Can be fed via a pole cup or used on the feeder.

Now in new recyclable packaging!

Swim Stim Red Krill 2mm Pellets
Part of Dynamite’s premium pellet range, containing the best fishmeals available, Red Krill attracts a mix of species and is equally at home on a commercial carp or F1 water as it is on big natural bream stillwaters and rivers.

Dynamite’s unique Koi technology promotes an aggressive feed response, setting them apart from other pellets on the market, utilising exclusive feeding triggers and highly-digestible fish proteins to offer maximum attraction with low feed, ideal for targeting pressured fish or for use in hard conditions. These 3mm pellets are perfect for the Method or pellet feeder, and can also be fed via a cup or pot on the pole. Now in NEW recyclable packaging.

Swim Stim Commercial Silver-Fish Groundbait Dark
Utilising specially selected ingredients, this ultra-effective, low-feed value mix is designed for targeting silver fish on commercial stillwaters where the fish are used to feeding on high-fishmeal pellets. One of three versions available, Dark is for clear, cold water conditions.

The high fishmeal, sweet based groundbait is designed for match anglers fishing commercial stillwaters in winter when targeting skimmers, roach and bream. It contains Swim Stim Koi Technology and ground SwimStim pellets, and results in a groundbait that can be mixed light and fluffy, dry or sloppy, and is suitable for balling in, cupping in and use in the feeder.

Pro-Expander Amino Original 4mm
These easy to prepare premium quality Pro-Expanders are designed to be pumped or left to soak in water, to create the perfect sinking soft hook or feed pellet. The same unique Swim Stim Koi technology promotes an aggressive feed response, setting them apart from other pellets on the market. The spongy, robust texture ensures they remain firm once soaked or pumped, to better stay on the hook.

Pellet Soak F1 Sweet
Made using Swim Stim Koi technology this 500ml bottle of multi-use pellet rehyration liquid is flavoured to match and supplement the F1 Sweet pellets. Designed to boost/soak feed pellets by adding colour and flavour to them to help attract fish into your swim. Use them to prepare and enhance your Pro-Expanders or add the power of Swim Stim attraction to fishery own pellets to make them stand out.

Wowsers Yellow ES-F1 7mm
These yellow F1 Sweet hi-vis dumbbell hook baits are designed for the Method feeder, bomb or waggler and pole fishing for carp, F1s, tench and bream on commercials, stillwaters and rivers. These yellow hook baits have their own unique flavour that is highly attractive and contains essential oils that all fish species love.They are based on the hugely popular Speedy Washters, but are hi-attract and highly visible to stand out among your feed pellets.

Used on a bait spike, band or hair rig they are great as a feeder or bomb hook bait in murky water but can also be used on the float.

All this bait plus a Match Cap, towel and… the bucket to keep the bucketload of bait in!

For your chance to win a bucketload of fantastic bait simply correctly answer the following question. (Multiple entries will disqualify you):

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