Win a Guru 13m Power Pole

This competition is now closed, the winner is Lyndon Woodfield from the West Middlands.

This 13m pole weighs in at 1,180g and is the longest in the A-Class range. Being made from Zero400 Tensile Carbon (40 tonne carbon) it’s every bit as strong as you might need for the most challenging situations. Guru has designed it with strength and durability at the forefront – you can pull hard, tame big fish and (to a degree) get away with knocking this pole about a bit without worrying about it being overly delicate. However, it’s not only been designed for power applications in mind, it’s a perfectly usable pole for all manner of situations including for rivers and silver fish, thanks to the balance between strength and responsiveness.

The pole features the Guru Performance Point Alignment System. Once aligned this ensures you’re getting the maximum performance and rigidity from the pole as the ‘spine’ of the pole is aligned. Another really nice touch is the Super Glide paint finish on the butt sections and a friction-free matt tape finish on the thinner joints to make shipping the pole easier in all weather conditions – often a feature reserved for more expensive models. The True Extensions take the pole to the exact stated length (so you’re getting a 100 per cent true length pole) and they’re made using the same materials offering the performance and reliability you’d expect.All top kits come ready-bushed with UK manufactured PTFE tip bushes, so all you need to do is thread some elastic and away you go! No pole cutting required.

Sat on the big lake at Meadowlands, the venue is packed with skimmers and sure enough the silver fish sport is keeping us warm and entertained while testing the pole, then boom, we find that carp we were looking for. It feels like a good fish and leaning into it with the A-Class offers a reassuring feeling – you just know this pole can cope with whatever you’re going to send its way. The pole is responsive on the strike and sure enough has no trouble taming what turns out to be a lovely common carp. A true test of this pole would be a summer edge or bagging session where you’re likely to need to catch a big weight, but from everything I have read and from testing the pole I have no doubt that the A-Class will cope with everything you have to send its way. 

13.0m Pole (Power Option) Includes:
• 13m True Extension
• 11.5m True Extension
• 1 x 4.7mm Generic Match Power Kit
• 2 x 5.8mm Generic Carp Power Kit
• 1 x Generic Cupping Kit
• Supplied in clear tubes

SSP: £599

For your chance to win the Guru A-Class 13m Power Pole that Alex Bones tested. Simply answer the following question. Good luck!

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