WIN! - Milo Redvolution D22 8m Whip


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Here’s your chance to win a Milo Redvolution D22 8m Whip worth £499.99!

If you’ve read our feature with Danny Ashington and Chris Jones on page 58 you’ll have seen just how effective these long tele/take apart whips from Milo can be when it comes to catching big bags of small – and not so small! – fish from rivers, particularly when the top section has been elasticated.

Thanks to those nice people at Milo we’re giving you the chance to win one of these 8m Redvolution D22 whips, worth £499.99 and coming with a spare tele top three kit, so you can elasticate one and leave the other as a flicktip if that’s how you’d like it. Or elasticate both. Or have two flicktips… the choice is yours. However you choose to set it up this is going to catch you a lot of fish, and now is the prime time to be using one for big bags of silvers.

As Chris says in the feature: “It’s easy to fish with this length of line on these new whips, the balance of them is fantastic at full length and because of their strength, they can take a hammering too – they are a specialised bit of kit but if you fish rivers you need to have one in your holdall.”


For your chance to win, simply answer the following question. Good luck!

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