Are Club Opens The Future?

Vetting anglers leads to massive turnouts at northern water.
In an era where match attendances at many of our commercial fisheries are dwindling, The Oaks Lakes at Sessay seems to be booking the trend- thanks to a new series of matches aimed at club anglers.

In addition to the usual open matches, the venue is now hosting a separate series of matches aimed purely at club anglers. With turnouts of between 70 and 80, the series is proving  extremely popular.  Organiser, Mark England explained: “At this time of year, a lot of club anglers are at a loose end, as their summer series of matches come to an end. To many of them, the option of fishing open matches against venue experts is a daunting one- as it can be very difficult to compete- and the fishing is somewhat more serious than what they are used to at club level.

My series of matches gives anglers the chance to fish and compete against anglers of a similar standard, in a more relaxed atmosphere than they would find on an open. The field is vetted by the venue owner, to prevent anybody who is too good from coming in and taking the money.”

Venue owner, Tom Kay added: “I am delighted that Mark’s series of matches are proving so popular, as it just goes to prove that anglers are keen to fish, as long as they feel that they have a chance of competing. As the club season comes to an end, I generally have plenty of pegs available meaning that I can spread the anglers out so that they catch plenty of fish.

Pleasingly, there are also plenty of top anglers up for fishing my open matches as well-  so everyone is happy. I simply go through the list of names, and transfer anyone who is too good for the club open match on to the normal open.”

For more information, or to book on to one of the Oaks Lakes club matches, call Mark England on: 0779 3322006