Up Close: Matrix 3D-R Seatbox Accessories

Accessories are so important to a comfortable and efficient match fishing setup, and as time goes on they are improving no end. Matrix’s new 3D-R accessories are some of the best that we have seen and have some excellent features that make them incredibly user friendly.

The 3D-R accessories fit a range of leg sizes thanks to a clever insert system that is easy to change. This means that 25mm, 30mm and 36m round legs are catered for. These inserts fit snugly around the legs and within the accessory knuckle, which makes the accessories sturdy and stable.


There are plenty of options available in terms of accessories, too many to talk about here, but highlights for me are the various feeder arms that offer fantastic rod stability.

This brings me nicely on to my favourite feature and that is the quick-release system. There are actually two quick-release buttons on the majority of the accessories. This means that the knuckle can remain on your box leg at all times. Then at the other end of the accessory arm is a further quick release. This prevents having to annoyingly screw rod rest heads, pole socks or keepnets on to accessory arms each and every time you go fishing. It may only be a small detail but one that makes these items stand out for me.


The final thing I want to mention is just how solid and chunky the whole range feels. These things are built to last, that’s for sure. The tightening thumbwheels are oversized to make it easy to tighten up, even on cold days.


I’m really impressed by 3D-R. It may not be the most glamorous product I will get to test in 2019, but they are an integral item of fishing tackle nowadays and these are perfect for the job.

RRP: From £13.99

Verdict: Solid, versatile and well thought out.

Website: www.fishmatrix.co.uk