Up Close: Middy Reactacore Elastics

Middy has always produced brilliant pole elastics. Its Hi-Viz solid elastics and Hi-Viz Shockcore hollow elastics have been a mainstay for anglers everywhere for years. So when Middy contacted us several months ago to see a revolutionary new hollow elastic, we knew it would be something good.

This is a micro-bore elastic that has unique Nano-Carbon-Black particles. These particles dramatically prolong the life of the elastic. The micro-bore helps to prevent flattening out when the elastic is under stress.

IMG 9526

It may sound like marketing mumbo jumbo but thread up a top kit with this and you will see it definitely isn’t. The elastic is incredibly smooth and just flows from the pole tip. Importantly though, and this is where this elastic really scores, it flows with a progressive power. 

Many hollow elastics stretch well but lack power when you really need it. This has a progressive build-up and powers up perfectly to control fish. 

The outer core has a fluorescent Hi-Viz coating that is pre-coated with a lubricant to help improve performance and again prolong elastic life. 

There are five grades in the range, from 4-6 right up to a whopping 25-30. This is a huge range of sizes that will cover most of your fishing. There is one clear gap though, and that is the difference between the 8-12 and the 14-18. There is a quite a large difference between the two grades and I wouldn’t be surprised if Middy looks to fill that in the not so distant future. 

The Saturn 14-18 is just an unbelievable carp fishing elastic. It is soft enough for shallow fishing for carp while having the power to cope well with fishing at five metres or in the edge. You could quite easily use this one grade for all of your carp fishing. 

elastic choice

A feature of this elastic is it’s supplied in 5m packs as opposed to the standard three metres. This means that for the £14.99 price tag you get enough to elasticate two standard top kits, so good value for such a great performing elastic. 

RRP: £14.99 for five metres


Verdict: Brilliant new elastic and the Nano-Carbon particles are more than just a marketing gimmick!

Website: www.middytackle.com