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02 p008 009 PF 04 Michael Buchwalder


All-round master, Michael Buchwalder, explains the tactics and skills that will help you catch more quality roach from your local Stillwater!
There is something about catching big roach that is incredibly satisfying. They are very wise fish, and when you strike into one on the pole, they make an unmistakable head shudder, causing your elastic to judder several times as they lividly shake their head in a bid to shed the hook! Today, you join me at Furzton Lake in my hometown on Milton Keynes, where I’m hoping to share my advice with you about catching my favourite fish from stillwaters!

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03 p014 015 PF 04 Alan Line To Success


Alan Scotthorne explains why finer tackle can give you the edge at this typically changeable time of year.
Fishing with really strong gear is absolutely fine in the height of summer, when the fish are really lively and active. With a lot more competition for bait the water will be much more coloured, meaning you can get away with stronger hooks, thicker line and stronger tackle in general.
As we move from winter through to spring, however, things are often a lot trickier.

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04 p030 031 Pete Kitwood story


Matt Godfrey catches up with Pete Kitwood and Paul Cannon, once members of an angling team that many regard as the best there has ever been – The Goole Avengers!
At 16 years old, I remember walking the muddy banks of the Stainforth & Keadby Canal after a winter league match. I had drawn next to a little chap called Pete. I remember his tiny metal box placed on a muddy platform and his pole roller that was a huge hoop with foam wrapped around it stuck on top of a large bankstick. I also remember that he caught lots fishing casters that day, including a great big 3lb perch, which won him the section and gave him a framing place in the match! He was a lovely chap, always talked, and after weighing in I remember my old Triana team-mate Ian Littlewood saying to me: “He’s a bloody good angler, Pete. He used to fish for The Goole Avengers!”

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pure class ON TEST 

Tom Scholey takes to the bank with the new Daiwa Air XLS, and is literally blown away!

I don’t think that I have ever been as excited about taking to the bank with a new pole as I was when I got my hands on the new Daiwa Air XLS.

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  05 p106 107 PF 04 Nuddy and Alan CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS

Clash Of The Champions… Part Two
Standfirst: In the second part of this exclusive head-tohead, Bob Nudd joins Alan Scotthorne at his local Hayfield Lakes, where both our world champions expose their cold-water commercial silver-fish secrets!

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News, views and gossip from the past month!

Matt’s Month

Our resident copper-topped scribe gives his lowdown on the fishing he has been doing over the last month.

On Test

The new Daiwa Whisker XLS is a new concept in pole design. Matt Godfrey takes it for a test run and delivers his verdict.


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