Daiwa Airity X-Slim Rod Range - Absolute Gold!

When Daiwa redesigns and launches updates on some of its best-ever rods, you just know they’re going to be something special. Bit of a spoiler alert early doors here, but I’d go as far to say that these new Airity X-Slim rods are THE best I have fished with to date! There are nine rods in this range – four float models and five feeder models.

In terms of price the Airity X-Slim slots into the Daiwa range below its current flagship Air range. However, I’ve never fished with any of the Air rods, so (unfortunately) I can’t offer a direct comparison between them. However, what I can say is that these new X-Slims are geared towards the commercial angler and they’re absolutely sublime. If you have the available cash I can’t see any reason why one (or maybe even several) of these wouldn’t find their way into your holdall.

Daiwa says its design brief was clear with these new rods: “To create the ultimate rods for commercial fishery tactics.” In order to achieve that it has implemented all of its know-how along with a combination of materials to achieve just that. First of all the blank diameter – as the name suggests, they’re purposely made to be ‘slim’. Making rods slim is, of course, aesthetically pleasing but does present certain challenges. Daiwa has overcome these challenges by using a combination of X45X Full Shield and HVF nanoplus to ensure the slimmer blanks still turn the power, response and accuracy that any angler would demand when spending this sort of money.The reduced diameter assists the progressive action and Daiwa’s V-Joint Alpha offers the strength and flex to help perfect the seamless action these rods possess. Couple that with Daiwa’s original Armlock flattened handle design and you have a set of rods that are likely to not only improve your casting accuracy, but land you more fish too with the seamless fish-playing action.

But Daiwa hasn’t finished with the features yet, oh no, the rods are literally loaded with other features to elevate them into a class of their own. Firstly let’s talk about the handle – the bit you’ll be holding! Finished in a very unique two-tone black and grey they certainly look unique. Personally I think the colour scheme is beautiful and people will be in no doubt as to what rods you’re using from just a quick glance. The Tournament reel seat is both a stunning design and, even better than that, it offers a super-secure, ergonomic fixing for your chosen reel. All in all the rods feel very balanced and comfortable in the hand with the handle length being tailored to each rod.

Then you glance up the blank, which is decorated with classy graphics in the Airity colours and finished to a standard no less than you’d expect for rods of this quality and price. In short they look every bit as good as you’d hope, with all of the performance to match.As for the rings, anti-tangle Zirconia guides feature on the feeder models and Megatop quivertips are supplied throughout and the float rods feature slightly different Zirconia guides. They’re ultra-smooth, designed to absolutely minimise any friction and aid longevity of your reel lines. 

Interestingly Daiwa has also added ‘P’ models to the range as well, being short for Power. These models offer a beefed-up version and feature stiffened butts and higher loading points to result in more powerful blanks. These will be perfect for venues where you’re targeting bigger than average carp, or for times when you just need more power to tackle a certain swim.Today I’ve come to Makin’s Fishery to give one of the rods a whirl. I’ve chosen the 10ft model and paired it with my favourite Daiwa reel loaded with 6lb Sensor line. For me a 10ft feeder rod is a perfect commercial water all-rounder and by far my most used length of rod. You can fish under your feet with it, or chuck 50 to 60 metres if you need to with a small Method – it’s ultra-versatile.I’m on Lake Three and have decided to sit on a peg where I can cast over to a spare pallet on the other bank. A small 30g Method feeder is the order of the day, loaded with softened 2mm fishery pellets. Straight away (on the very first cast) I could get a feel for what these rods are about and I must admit that I’m a big fan (if you couldn’t already tell). They allowed me to cast ultra-accurately and plenty of cold-water carp action gave me the perfect opportunity to test the fish-playing action of this model. As Daiwa says, they’re progressive and I’d say this 10ft (AXSQ10-AU) is perfect for both carp and F1s. Each feeder rod is supplied with three Megatop quiver tips (ranging from 1oz to 3oz depending on the model) – the 10-footer I’m using is supplied with 1oz, 1.5oz and 1.5oz BG tips and I’ve opted to use the lightest one for the session today.The action is thick and fast considering the water temperature, with some absolute quality Lake Three carp making their way to the net. I’ll hopefully get a chance to try the rest of the feeder range in MF at some point, as well as the float variants as well. In short, early indications from today’s session are that they’re absolutely incredible – that’s the best way I can describe them. With prices ranging from £494.99 to £624.99 they’re definitely investments, but with all that high-end Daiwa quality throughout they’re also built to last.

They’re made in the UK and they’re certainly not cheap. But the best never is! Check out the video from this session over on the MF YouTube channel.

• X45X Full Shield
• HVF Nanoplus
• V-Joint Alpha
• Slim blanks with flex and power
• Choice of ‘P’ (Power) models
• Stainless steel Zirconia guides
• Tournament reel seat
• Two-Tone EVA handle with Armlock
• Megatop quivertips

Models Available
(Feeder) 10, 10P, 11, 11P, 12
(Float) 10, 11, 11P, 12

RRP: £494.99 to £624.99
WEBSITE: www.daiwasports.co.uk

To find out more about the Daiwa’s Airity X-Slim rods, watch the video below.

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