Daiwa Tournament S Competition Pole Review

The Tournament S poles from Daiwa need no introduction. First released 25 years ago, the original Tournament pole shaped things to come and became legendary in the pole fishing world. From that original model came successors over the years and now we have this latest interation – the all-new Tournament S Competition.

This model sits below the top-of-the-range Air Z Pro and the new Airity Pro, but it’s actually lighter than them both and you may think because of that this is a pole more suited to light elastics, but Daiwa is keen to stress that this new model is definitely an all-rounder. A good place to test its carp credentials is Todber Manor and that’s where Alex Bones met Daiwa’s Pemb Wrighting for a carp session using this new ‘Tourny-S’ Comp.

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