Evesham Festival Qualifier

See who is through to the Evesham Festival in the latest round of qualifiers...

Abu Garcia/Wychavon Qualifier
69 Fished

With a little rainwater putting a tinge of colour in the water, this proved to be the best qualifier of the season so far, with a whopping 8-13-8 needed to make the frame!

Coming out on top with a weight of 13-0-0 was Oxford rod Robin Cave, who plundered the rivers roach population from unfancied peg 49. Robin fished hemp and tares on the pole at just eight metres, for a net consisting almost entirely of roach, the biggest of which weighed in excess of 1lb!

In second place was London Based Tim Kaye, who drew peg six on the Town length. After starting the match by catching small fish on groundbait and pinkie, Tim caught a 3lb tench down the edge on a pole line fed with chopped worms and casters. He went on to catch some quality roach on hempseed late on in the match to give him a 9-7-0 total.

In third place was Drennan Oxford’s Steve Townsend, who again took advantage of the rivers feeding roach population to help him grab a place on the podium. Steve fished the long pole and caught quality fish on hempseed, ending with a 9-3-8 net.

With more and more roach seeming to be moving in to the town as the season develops, expectations are running high for a very eventful final weekend come the August bank holiday.

• 1 Robin Cave (Drennan) 13-0-0 (peg 49)
• 2 Tim Kaye (Quorn Van Den Eydne) 9-7-0 (peg 6)
• 3 Steve Townsend (Drennan Oxford) 9-3-8 (peg 34)
• 4 Matt Godfrey (Sensas) 8-14-0 (peg 20)
• 5 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 8-13-8 (peg 24)
• 6 Tony Marshall (Quorn Van Den Eydne) 8-7-0 (peg 77)
• 7 Jason Jones (Banbury Gunsmiths) 8-3-0  (peg 35)
• 8 Darren Davies (Drennan) 7-12-0 (peg 59)

• Ian Shepherd
• Robin Cave
• Tony Marshall

Shakespeare Qualifier
59 fished

A blustery wind, coupled with a clear river running quite hard after the previous days torrential rain, meant that conditions were far from ideal for the anglers battling it out in this Sundays qualifier.

Clary Partridge from Astwood Bank drew peg 13, and relied upon stick float and maggot feeder tactics to exploit his peg. Clary’s match started well with a run of small fish on the stick float, and when things quietened off mid match, he made a very productive decision to pick up his maggot feeder rod. He took a large eel, followed by a 3lb barbel to take victory with a total weight of 6-12-8.

At the other end of the match length on peg 80, Bristol’s Chris Derrick started his match on a five metre whip, taking a couple of pounds of fish in the first two hours of the match. When this line slowed up, he went on a 13 metre pole line that he had fed with groundbait and pinkies, where he caught perch to 10 oz and small roach until the end of the match.

At the whistle Chris was an agonizing 1 oz short weighing in with 6-11-8.

In third place was Pershore rod Dean Cosnett whose weight of 5-11-8 drams included a 4lb tench and 10 hemp caught roach.

• 1 Clary Partridge 6-12-8 (peg 13)
• 2 Chris Derrick (Veals Of Bristol) 6-11-8 (peg 80)
• 3 Dean Cosnett 5-11-8
• 4 Ernie Malyon 5-7 0
• 5 Laurence Glenn 3-13-8
• 6 Jim Smith 3-10-8
• 7 Rob South 3-6-8
• 8= Mark Sutton 3-4-0
• 8= Rich Reynolds (Quorn Van Den Eydne) 3-4-0

• Clary Partridge
• Chris Derrick
• Dean Cosnett