Feeder Essentials: Matrix Horizon XD Feeders

Matrix is becoming a real powerhouse and its product development continues to impress across the board. One such huge development is the new Horizon XD feeders.

Now, the previous Horizon cage feeders are used by many of Europe’s top feeder anglers so it was a tall task to improve on them. But the goal was set to create the ultimate in distance casting feeders, and today we have that!

A good 18 months ago I went out with Shaun Little, who had a 3D printout of a new feeder that Matrix was working on. At the time the weight came from a bomb that was fitted within the feeder, but even then, the feeder flew like a bullet and barely had any weight within it!

Fast-forward to February this year and a pole fishing feature with Shaun was organised and I noticed a Horizon XD rod in his car. With a sly grin he explained that he had the final prototype feeder that he wanted me to have a cast with. Needless to say I was blown away with the feeders. They cast unbelievably well, in fact until you try them you won’t believe how straight and true they cast.

But what makes them so good? Well the manufacturing and design of these feeders mean the lead and cage are seamlessly joined together. This compact nature means these feeders, especially once loaded, are incredibly compact. This creates a feeder that is incredibly aerodynamic.

The unique grooved and tapered nose not only cuts through the air but also helps the feeder lift when it is reeled in. A common issue with wire cages is they can hug the bottom on the retrieve, potentially causing snags and fish loss.

These feeders rise up rapidly. Another benefit to this design is the bait release. The grooves improve the water ingress and really do help the bait release from the feeder.


The Trans-Khaki colour blends in with the lake bed, a product colour that Matrix often uses after underwater dives with Rob Hughes revealed this to be the best colour.

There are two sizes in the range, small and medium, both in a range of weights between 20g and 50g. There is a clear and obvious need for a larger size and a few bigger weights, but what Matrix has released so far is a great start and I wouldn’t mind betting some larger sizes are on the way.

This is a superb feeder and one that feeder anglers will be desperate to try, and with good reason!

RRP: £2.75

Verdict: The ultimate in distance cage feeders? We think they might just be!

Website: www.fishmatrix.co.uk