Godfrey Joins Guru!

Matt Godfrey is to leave his current role as features editor of Match Fishing magazine, to take up a new role at Tackle Guru.

Having worked for David Hall Publishing for over four years on the titles of Pole Fishing and Match Fishing magazines, the England international is very excited about the move, and a buzzing Matt said: “I’m absolutely ready for a new challenge, and I think the move to Guru will be exactly that.

“Guru is a brand that shows powerful leadership on the media front, and I’m hungry to be a part of its continued push forward, learning and developing my own skills with the company in the process. Of course, I’m hoping to keep my own fishing up too, and if anything I can only see the move giving me more focus with this.

“One thing I’m particularly excited about is working with the stable of consultants belonging to Guru… Steve Ringer and Andy Bennett to name just two. With guys like this on board, and with a team striving to innovate and progress in terms of products and media, I really can’t wait to get cracking. I just hope the boys in Essex will understand my northern twang!

“I have a lot of thank yous to make, but the biggest has to go out to David Hall Publishing. I’ve loved every minute of working there, met some lifelong friends, and I’m sure we’ll still be working together in the future. I’m leaving Match Fishing in a super-healthy shape, and as a brand it’s growing by the minute. It’s a brand I’ll always want to be associated with as an angler and part of the angling trade.

One person who Matt has worked alongside and travelled with in his fishing for many years is Match Fishing magazine editor Tom Scholey.

Tom added: “From a professional perspective, I am gutted to be losing Matt as my right-hand man at DHP, as he is a very talented journalist and photographer, and will be sorely missed.

“However, from a personal point of view I am very happy for him, and think exciting times lie ahead for Matt with the Tackle Guru brand. He is the kind of person who will make a success of whatever he does, so I am sure the future will be very bright for him.”

Matt concluded: “A question a lot of people have asked is: ‘What will happen to Bagging Bros?? This is the media channel Tom Scholey and I have built between us, relating our match fishing in diary form. Well, I can’t get away from him that easily… Bagging Bros is sure to continue!”

Matt will join Tackle Guru in early February, in the role of marketing and media coordinator.