Going Quackers!

It has been a while since my last blog, but it has been a couple of months filled with activity here at DHP towers!

First we said goodbye to Dave Harrell who left his post here at Match Fishing to pursue other interests. This was a shock to us all and I know that many people will miss him.

Luckily we have managed to snare Alex Bones, who I’m sure plenty of you will know for his hair cut, and the bit of fishing that he does occasionally! Alex will be a great asset to the mag and hopefully we can go from strength to strength and keep improving the mag! Anyway I have had an up and down few weeks fishing. Spawning fish have made lakes fish poor and go very peggy and I seem to have avoided the fish more than normal! I have managed a win and a second up at the Oaks but this week saw the frustration return!

Saturday saw me on Cedar Lake. This is my favourite venue in the country and one that I have had loads of success on in the past. I pulled out Peg 79 which although a match winning peg, can be a horrible peg as there doesn’t seem to be a head of F1s there and its big fish or bust really.

The day started well and there was clearly plenty of fish present and my first hour went smoothly. The second hour however saw at least 35 ducks turn up on every line that I had fed! Now I’m the first one to try and encourage a duck or two into my swim to help colour up the water. However when every line is full of little quackers diving on your bait it becomes slightly frustrating! At one point I had accidentally hooked a duck, I played the duck in using white hydro to its full potential and just when I reached for the landing net, to try and scoop the feathery beast, the owners cocker spaniel decided to leap in and chase the duck! Not ideal on a 13m wide snake lake! It’s fair to say my day didn’t get any better; I easily had 50lb but was so frustrated that I tipped back and went home. I checked the weigh boards the next day and I would have won the section… note to self – always weigh in!

Joe Carass