Roach Bag Secures Marshall Win

In a frame dominated by bloodworm and joker weights, sticking to his trusted hemp attack proved key for Tony Marshall as he romped to victory with an 8-15-0 roach net.

Shakespeare Qualifier: Hampton Ferry, Evesham | August 14 | 74 Fished

Drawn on peg 36, Tony had started his match on bloodworm and joker at 13 metres, taking a few small fish while priming his hemp line a section past where he fed his bloodworm. Then, with two hours of the match to go, Tony slipped a grain of hemp on a light, 4x10 strung out rig, and took the first of a succession of quality redfins.

The key move for Tony came just half-an-hour from the end however, when he pushed past his feed to 16 metres and took two 14oz specimens to clench him victory.

In second place, the ever consistent Simon Willsmore focussed on a long pole bloodworm attack, where he found quality roach for a 7-14-0 finish. Drawn just one peg away from Simon, Andy Murphy also opted for a long pole bloodworm attack, but he caught predominantly perch for a 7-6-0 total.  

Encouragingly, section-winning weights were extremely high, and with plenty of small fish feeding some close battles can be expected come the weekend of the festivals.

1 Tony Marshall (Quorn VDE) 8-15-0 (peg 36)
2 Simon Willsmore (Milo) 7-14-0 (peg 66)
3 Andy Murphy (Shimano Wales) 7-6-0 (peg 68)
4= Paul Hughes (Sensas) 6-13-0 (peg 18)
4= Lee Edwards (Preston Innovations) 6-13-0 (peg 74)
6 Darran Bickerton (Sensas) 6-11-8 (peg 45)
7 Nigel Davis 6-6-0 (peg 33)
8 Hadrian Whittle (Kamasan Starlets) 5-4-0 (peg 20)

• Martin Howard
• Nigel Davis
• Chris Jenkinson